Friday, April 1, 2016

His Dream Come True to Carpool Ticket Surprise 
A lover must learn the laws of a dream 
A couple must learn the laws of the road 

His Dream Come True (round) 

For him she was his dream come true
The world of beauty she’d renew
And always smiling at his side
This was the paradise he knew
To spare these two so starry eyed
All other worries would subside
Or did the couple have such glow
That problems sought a place to hide
Their love was tried one wouldn’t know
Just hidden scars they didn’t show
Or was there something else at play
To help them see what wasn’t so
As time does flow to end their day
This couple only heightened play
By living dreams one more refrain
To keep reality at bay
They hid away from daily strain
Imagined beauty now masks pain
They could not see the other’s flaws
Nor where hid problems still remain
Once gentle rain renewed their cause
Now hides the sight which breaks his laws
And takes her on a rendezvous
And for this dream a gentle pause

Here is an example of a round. In a round there should be a connection that ties the parts a poem together, along with the meaning of the poem. I have used the third line, which is a lead in to the rhymes of the following stanza, The ending should lead back to the beginning of the poem. If we take note, this poem does this. In effect a round has no beginning or end. Here we start with a lover, which soon becomes a couple. Then we have a taste of magic. The couple returns to just him. To add to the riddle, this is a round. 

It is easy for me to tell others to live their dreams. In fact, I went to school to be a music teacher. When I was shown the bleakness of the profession's future, I turned to entertainment. For various reasons this did not work out. I followed various other opportunities that came my way. None of them panned out. I never dreamed that I would land a "dream job" at a major oil company or that I would be so heavily involved in charity endeavors. I like to say, "I lived a life others only dream of." (In truth, as my listening skills improved, others feel about themselves the same as me.) 
My dreams. Once I got rid of my wicked stepfather, who haunted me in dreams, I had no more recurring dreams (that I can remember). My dream girls were Arlene and latter Amor. Most of my dreams were replays of things I've done. In effect my life is a dream. 
It is easy for me to tell others to live their dreams. But as I learned to listen, I saw that others were living dream in a way similar to me. Remember, I wanted to be a teacher. In a way that dream came true. We can all see, if we give ourselves a try. If we believe in ourselves. We know what we need to be happy. Life is a dream and we are the dreamers. Enjoy.

Need some more motivation: Barbra Streisand "Evergreen" 

From love's highway to a carpool highway 

Carpooling first became prominent in the United States as a fuel rationing tactic during World War II. Meet Mrs. Wiigginton. Her husband is a deputy sheriff for Orange County. Mrs. Wigginton was driving in the carpool lane when no other than her husband pulled her over. Seeing no one else in the car, Officer. Wigginton was going to ticket his wife. 
Find out why he didn't. "Carpool Ticket Surprise" 

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All men dream, but not equally. 
Those who dream by night in the dusty 
recesses of their minds, wake in the day 
to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers 
of the day are dangerous men, for they 
may act on their dreams with open eyes, 
to make them possible. 
T. E. Lawrence


  1. Wise advice.
    Not always easy, but worth the attempt.

    1. I get the sense you are quite the dreamer.
      Thank you giving this a moment

  2. Replies
    1. Happy you enjoyed.
      Thank you for allowing me to lighten your day

  3. Your poem has me confused. For it seems to be describing joy derived from a forbidden love that could not last. I hope I am mistaken.

    1. If that's what it says to you. Remember, it has no end.
      Thank for this interpretation

  4. I dream, therefore my mind wonders.

    1. There's nothing wrong with that. Enjoy this blessing.
      Thank you for spreading you joy here

  5. "And for this dream a gentle pause" is such beautiful wording. Thank you for this today.

    1. Thank you for your warm compliment.
      Dream on