Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's Beating to Kitchen Hacks 
Time is captured in the heartbeats of lovers 
Time saving ideas for the kitchen 

It’s Beating (progressive poem) 

It’s beating
It’s beating
Occasion repeating
A gaze then a meeting
It’s beating
It’s beating
His mind is unseating
As she waits his greeting
A scent in the air
Entrances this pair
It’s beating
It’s beating
He feel his chance fleeting
A thought she’s repeating
He’s caught in her stare
As words meet the air
Then there in their eyes
They both realize
It’s beating
It’s beating
Soft thoughts now entreating
This shared wish completing
That all future’s fare
Be found in their stare
But could she surmise
This wish in his eyes
And as time had planned
So she took his hand
It’s beating
It’s beating 

It's beating. But what is beating? As the poem progresses two more rhyming lines are added. Also notice the poem's rhythm. The poem could have gone on, but why did it end as as she took his hand. Notice that time was introduced as "it" continued beating as the poem concludes. So what was it that was beating? 

You guessed it. I'm on my rant about time again (with this poem). As I suggested "It's beating" represents more. Let's take "It's beating" to means heartbeat. As the poem progresses more is happening on two heartbeats. Have we ever been on the steps of romance and lost track of time. I'm guessing the answer is yes. I know, if I want time to go a little slower, all I have to do is hug my wife. Is time really going slower or am I more focused? 
Here is another point to consider. What is really important right now? Whether it is football on TV or a lover's kiss, give the attention it deserves. You should know that studies have shown that real life activities (as opposed to TVs, computers and such) are more enriching. What I am suggesting is thing seem to move slower the more active we are. Or maybe time is like a bag. We can put one item in it or we can stuff it. 
Here is one more thing to baffle the imagination. Time is not constant. Science has shown that it actually slows down the closer it gets to the center of the earth. Objects moving at different speeds are also traveling in different times. Could other factors also affect time? Some individuals say live is too short. I have lived a long life. And I am not alone. So what is "it" that is beating? We may not fully know how to express it, yet we know it. We feel it. It is part of the marvel that is us. And as all things are controlled by "it", this one is controlled by you so enjoy. 

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Looking for ways to save time in the kitchen - Consider eating out 

It is estimated that 87% American households own a melon baller, an avocado slicer or herb scissors, that we simply had to have, but never actually use. Talk about total wastes, here's Gregg. of You Suck At Cooking, to share some time saving ideas we can use in our kitchen. Gregg calls them his kitchen hacks. 
Be the first to say one of Gregg's ideas actually saved time - if we can stop laughing. "Kitchen Hacks - You Suck at Cooking (episode 37)" 

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Time stays long enough 
for anyone who will use it. 
Leonardo da Vinci


  1. The heart is beating as time flashes by.

    1. Excellent insight. No wonder you share such beautiful pictures.
      Thank you

  2. It's the heart that's beating. Time flies too fast when we are having fun, and goes too slow when we are downhearted.

    1. This is an interesting, but not unique, point of view.
      I like the way you put it.
      Thank you for this gift

  3. I like this very much, time and heartbeats are so precious. You remind me of that so beautifully.

  4. I hope this meets with your approval. I am sorry for neglecting to ask for specific permission to republish one of your wonderful poems beforehand.

    1. It looks very good.
      Thank you.
      Except one thing: As bleak as my future is, I know my Lord is good. My Lord has blessed me with an amazing life and giving me the strength to face my future. I am an inspiration. I am not abandoned.