Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kiss Me to The Only Way To Hug A Bro 
When lovers hug kisses could follow 
When bros hug it could be uncomfortable without proper etiquette instructions 

Kiss Me (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Kiss me as each new sun blesses the morn
Kiss me for that promise we made that day
As flowers in mirrors of spring are born
Kiss me that always will not pass away
When mood start to stray kiss me to regain
And tune touches heart kiss me in that dance
As our love is reason’s sweetest refrain
In the dream we made kiss me to enhance
Oh I could be happy floating on smile
Or drift through the magic deep in your eyes
And I could hold you much more than awhile
Or simply adore what whishes supplies
But if you want see how happy I’ll be
Why not put all else aside and kiss me

A Shakespearean sonnet with a kiss of cleverness. Did we see it? "Kiss me". Those words lead off every line but the third in the first stanza. The second stanza is a little different, but "kiss me" is still in every line, except the third. In the conflict stanza (the third stanza), which seems very positive, except there is no mention of a kiss. When the sonnet ends, there it is again. "Kiss me." 

As I have said before, I am a real sucker for a kiss, When I was a young man, it was those French kisses and often. As I grew older, I began to appreciate a nice par of warm lips and the excitement of anticipation. My first real kiss was at 24th Street and Castro Street, with a girl named Malana. When I look back at my life, I never became wealthy, because, I believe, things like kisses were more important. 
What is wealth? Is it really important? Is one individual's wealth the same as another's? Is one individual's success the same as other's? I don't think so. I believe many of us are led to believe things that may not hold true for us individually. I believe, in the quiet of our heart, we all know what is truly and uniquely important to us as unique individuals. Short or long, life is what it is. One of the things life is, is a gift granted to us. To be all we can be. To be the best "me" "I" can be. Let me whisper this to you. I had a pretty amazing life. Did I accomplish all I wanted to? No. But I did pretty good. I am satisfied. Some people like money. I like kisses. What do you like? What is truly important to you? It is our life (not "their's"). We are the only measure of our own success. Know that you can and you can. And as we venture forth on our own individual path toward fulfillment, enjoy. 

On the subject of kissing: Sixpence None The Richer "Kiss Me" 

Yes, it is okay for bros to hug each other 

Studies have proven that hugging lowers one's blood pressure, especially if one is feeling anxious. Well, what if one wants to hug his bro? This can cause an anxiety hugging is suppose to reduce. Plus the conundrum of the whole thing. Our friends at Buzz Feed Video have come up with a solution to this dilemma. They have put together a video of the step by step etiquette for bros wishing to hug each other. 
You might want to put a copy of this on your mobile devise, if only for laughs... which also lowers blood pressure. "The Only Way To Hug A Bro" 

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Rich or poor, every child comes into the world 
with some imperative need of its own, 
which shapes its individuality. 
Lucy Larcom


  1. Lovely poem regarding the 'kiss'.
    Wealth is nothing compared to a 'kiss'.

    1. And better yet, a kiss from the right person.
      Thank you for affirming, I'm not completely crazy

  2. What a lovely poem. The affection of those we love, is so very important!

    1. Best to know this and celebrate it while we have time.
      Thank you for the reminder