Monday, April 25, 2016

Lingered Into Night to Housework (Work parody)
Lovers enjoy the magic of the night 
But first there's housework to be done 

Lingered Into Night (Martin verse) 

Within my arms we lingered into night
With vast horizons there before our sight
What dreams what wonders waited to ignite
What will unfold to fashion our delight
Somehow the moon was saying so much more
I never saw the stars so bright before
And with each instant how my heart would soar
Within my arms the key to heaven’s door
Uncertain of what happened there that night
We kissed as we did many times before
Imaginings or did we really soar
With lovers’ breeze to heighten our delight
Amid the stars we gazed at so much more
Our endless Joy was spread beyond mere sight
A world awaited us two to ignite
A welcome light adrift on fortune’s door
Now was it real or was it sheer delight
These lovers’ dreams are easy to ignite
But when I looked into my starry sight
Within my arms we lingered into night 

Another Martin verse to demonstrate another effect. This poem doesn't use a conflict which should be resolved. Instead, as stanza by stanza evolves, the poem heightens, like a wave. Then as the poem draws to an end, like a receding wave, the poem comes to a rest.  By using a Martin verse, which typically ends with the same line it began with, the ebbing effect is more pronounced. 

It's hard to tell, from where I sit now, if it all really happened. The dances, the places, the people, the praises, the glories, the kisses, the life. There are the memories, the pictures, the people sharing once again, "remember when". It is hard to believe it really happened at all. And here I am sharing it all with you. For whether it really happened, what does it matter if it not implanted in others? 
There is a wonder. Look around. Nothing really dies. Nature seems to show things transfer from one thing to another. Why not memories? Why not moments? Aren't they things of energy? (I don't really know.) Here's another thought to ponder. Have we ever seen lovers younger than us repeating something we did? Awakening memories. Coincidence or something more? (I don't really know.) But it is romantic. It is a light we all carry with us.
Now we could invest in words or enjoy that marvel, which is us. We can create one more moment, trusting it will not die. That it just might find its way to forever. Or we can be the echoes of other's moments. Life is wonderful and we are part of the celebration. The sun rises in the morning so that we can be, rejoice, create. It's hard to tell, from where I sit now. And someday you may find yourself sitting here too. Until then, enjoy.

Back to the romantic mood: Fausto Papetti "My Love Serenade" 

But first there is "Work" to do 

Barbados, Rihanna's birthplace, officially celebrates Rihanna Day as a national holiday on the eve of her birthday, February 20th. Rihanna has a new hit, featuring Drake, on the charts, "Work" Many of her faithful fans are expressing concern, saying that they can't understand the words. Into the picture comes Deva Daporto of My Life Suckers. She thinks she has hit on the full lyrics. After watching Rihanna's original music video, Deva suspected she might be a little off.
So after talking to Rihanna, Deva decided to make this parody and suggest that Rihanna fans check the internet for the true "Work" lyrics. "Rihanna - Work ft. Drake Parody - HOUSEWORK" 

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I have no companion but Love, 
no beginning, no end, no dawn. 
The Soul calls from within me: 
'You, ignorant of the way of Love, set Me free.' 


  1. Good morning, I enjoyed your romantic poem, lovely words. Enjoy the moments. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. Thank you for your warm thoughts.
      May joy light your path

  2. I am a huge fan of Rumi. Great post! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Our friend Elephant Child led me in his direction.
      I am really guided by great fans like you.
      Thank you

  3. Beautiful poem once again...I really like this one.

  4. I am a great fan of Rumi...and also of Khayyam...and sundry other middle-eastern poets.

    Nicely crafted poem and post.

    1. Thank you for the lead and the kind words.
      I get better because of fans like yourself