Monday, April 18, 2016

Love Song Addressed to You to Diego's Rap 
An edition completely dedicated to 
How not to write a love song 

Love Song Addressed To You (lyrical poem) 

Let’s try it one more time tonight
By moon or simply by street light
My heart will sing for your delight
When I can play this guitar right
It was for you I wrote this song
Reminder of a love that’s strong
A love like ours what could be wrong
I love it when you laugh along
All your neighbor’s say as they shout away
How they cannot wait for another date
So I stay and play hoping that this sway
Will not miss a date heading for its fate
We’ll drift upon a brighter cloud
Where I’ll remove unwanted shroud
I love you so I’ll air it proud
Your window shuts I sang too loud
All your neighbor’s shout put the fire out
But it wasn’t clear why it’s so wet here
Had they any doubt what true love’s about
From a single tear rivers can appear
Until we once again caress
Our love the heavens soon will bless
There’s something that I must confess
I’m singing at the wrong address
The wrong address
He did confess
Comes time to bless
Other neighbors

There are no rules that say lyrical poems have to be serious. In this mess, things start out normally and we are unsuspecting of the true nature of what is to come. It wasn't until our hero had trouble with his guitar that we suspected something was afoot. Before we laugh too hard (and I do hope this poem made us laugh), there is a level if truth in this silliness. God bless lovers. 

I was a silly lover. That's a lie. I still am a silly lover. My silliness encompasses celebrations, gift giving and never growing up. Celebrations are everything from a kiss to a grand night out. One of many crazy stunts I pulled off: I had a big night at the opera planned, including dinner. What Arlene didn't know was that I got a Wonder Bread truck for the evening. Another example. Arlene was not fond of flowers. Instead I got  her candy disguised as flowers. Sometimes I had to hide these candy flowers. (Maybe we can figure this one out.) I don't know how, but Arlene could always find my hiding places. She would sample a few of the flowers. Before I could utter a word of complaint, Arlene would kiss me. I'm a sucker for a kiss. Serenade Arlene in the street? I did. Often. 
I am a bit silly. I'm not suggesting we all should be. There are many ways to express our "love sickness". That's right, I called it "love sickness"/ Call it what we want, but it is hard to put a handle on it. Why do we fall in love? Does it matter? Just give into it. Whether silly or with flare, or a simple kiss. Give into it. Let your heart go. Love has so much to offer, What? we may ask. Let/s find out and enjoy. 

Who knows more about love songs than: Weird Al Yankovic "You Don't Love Me Anymore" 

Can we handle one more 

I bet you didn't know, Mexico gave the rest of the world chocolate. Recently, Mexico gave the world Diego. Diego is a Mexican puppet created by Rudy Mancuso of Awkward Puppets. Okay, maybe Rudy and Diego are really from Los Angeles, California, but that is a small matter. Diego has recently come out with a new love rap single. It has already earned 4.90 Canadian. 
Okay, maybe the song still needs a bit of work. "Diego's Rap"

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Love doesn't make the world go 'round. 
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. 
Franklin P. Jones


  1. Growing up is optional. Fortunately.

    1. One of the benefits of growing old. Society lets you be any age you like.
      Thank you for dropping by

  2. Definitely enjoyed the gentle humor in your poem! I love that you found candy flowers for Arlene.

    1. Like I said, I'm a sucker for a kiss.
      Glad you enjoyed.
      Thank you

  3. Great post! like the humor and Weird Al!

    1. Hope this edition adds a ray to your sunshine
      Thank you