Friday, April 8, 2016

Music Of That Night to How to be a DJ 
There was something more in the music the lovers heard that night 
Make music more in your life by learning how to be a DJ or how to laugh 

Music Of That Night (Martin verse) 

Returning to the music of that night
When everything imagined seemed so right
The hopes and dreams of lovers holding tight
Where etched in schemes which stardust held in sight
The band played on their timeless melody
As every heart could feel what love could be
A moment set for all of destiny
A wave of Joy across the moonlit sea
Such magic ruled each single breath that night
When holding close was all that there could be
For worlds can wait to meet their destiny
For here there are more precious realms in sight
But time and age had their own melody
Which rained down on a couple once so right
Loose shadows promised troubles holding tight
Which darkened sands along true lovers’ sea
To meet the wind which tries and toys with sight
One memory replays to hold them tight
When everything imagined is not right
Returning to the music of that night 

Here is another Martin verse. Martin verse uses five stanzas of four lines each. Once eight words are selected, in the first two stanzas, they cannot be changed. The third and fourth stanzas mix the words of the first two stanzas. The fifth stanza uses the words of the first stanza, in reverse order. 
It's easy. Try it. Then let me know and I will direct people to its location. 

I'm sure I mentioned this before, when Arlene and I went to our first dance, she realized I couldn't dance. Dancing was very important to Arlene, so she spent years teaching me to dance (partner dancing). I had no idea how much dancing with my Arlene would bless my life. No, we were never championship dancers. But when things got tough, we danced. When age was taking us, we danced. In our 40's, Arlene and I danced the clock back to our 20's (at least in our minds). 
For Arlene and I it was dancing, that held that something. I learned that other couples had gardening, fishing, going out, traveling and a wonderland of other things for that something. Simple walks also worked for some. The most fascinating magic a couple shared, was a couple who crocheted to return to their something. 
What is that "something"? We could call it love. It is what makes a 40 year old couple 20 again. It is a safe realm, away from all problems. It is that space where only one dream matters. We know it when we touch it. Cling to it. Build it. Refresh it. Cherish it. That "something" special to us. So when everything is falling apart, we may enjoy. 

Take it away Johnny Mathis: Leonard Bernstein "Tonight" 

Remember records and record players -You could be a DJ 

The World's first DJ dance party was thrown by Jimmy Savile in 1943, who played jazz records for his guests. As a special "thank you" for stopping by at this edition, you too can be DJ. You too can be the life of any party. With the help of Matt Dennison and Jason Lucas, of IFHT, we have put together an easy to follow instruction video, so you too can be a DJ. Just send us your checks as soon as possible. 
Okay, you can keep your checks. Just watch the video. "How to be a DJ" 

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    1. You liked it, did you.
      Thank you for reaching out

  2. Hello, what a lovely poem and post. I like the Johnny Mathias song. Hubby and I are more walkers than dancers. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Then you know that "something". May you and yours be eternally blessed.
      Thank you four this affirmation

  3. I enjoyed watching you too dance, flowing. Moving words, I thank you. And have a fantastic weekend.

    1. Thank you for your moving and warm support

  4. The things which connect us are so wonderful. How lovely that dance had such a powerful impact on your love. Beautiful poem!

    1. I see that you have touched "something".
      Thank you for reaching out

  5. Arlene was an amazing woman! I really love the stories of her.