Sunday, April 3, 2016

Once More From The Top to Magic LEGO Powers 
There is magic in all of us 
We may not be able to turn everything into LEGO like this guy 

Once More From The Top (round

Our place to start it all is here
Next time we’ll try to not forget
Come back if thing become unclear
Enjoy the rest the start is near
Make music that you won’t regret
Of every beat of every heart
Ring out in rhythm with each set
Each measure treasures our vignette
For everyone some unique part
Resounding at their best for all
Once tuned together profound art
Mark well where all this had its start
They’re waiting now for their stage call
Help them if their own name may drop
Each part means something this recall
There’s time to take a restful stop
Or if a song begins to veer
Please take it once more from the top

Another round or poem without an end or a beginning. Follow the rhymes to understand a little about a round. In this particular round, a positive message is being delivered. The message starts off slow and intensifies. As the message becomes overwhelming the stanzas begin to break down. The four line stanzas become three lines. Then comes the main message of the poem and we are sent back to the beginning of the poem. 

We may not all be financially rich, a president or a leader of people. We may not be destined for history books or have our names recorded anywhere. I believe everyone, every individual is important. Consider this: Dan picked a carrot. A truck driver took that carrot to market. A grocery clerk put that carrot on display. A buyer picked that carrot for a chef, who prepared that carrot  into a delicious meal. That meal was eaten by a president, who manged the rest of his affairs with a good feeling. Oh sure, anyone could have picked that carrot. But Dan did. The president could feel good for any number of reasons. But who is to say that carrot wasn't one of them? The point is interconnections. 
Remember running laps as punishment in athletics? I was part of a movement who saw the confusing message of this practice. A negative message should not be associated with kids involved in physical activities. Sure, this change of thinking could have happened without me. But I did help. Who is to argue, how important we are to our families? 
The point is; we are all important. If we get tired, overwhelmed, discouraged or anything else, with the part we contributed to the "all"; Take a rest. Don't be afraid of starting over. And most important, Enjoy. 

How about a song to go with thys theme: Ross Lynch "Take It From The Top" 

We have all heard of the Midas touch - Well... 

The main interlocking LEGO building block has not changed since 1958. The story of King Midas has, though, . Remember King Midas? He is popularly remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold (literally). Corridor Digital has come up with latest version of the Midas tale. A man who could turn everything he touches into LEGO. 
I know what we're thinking. LEGO is hardly gold. Well watch the video. "Magic LEGO Powers!" 

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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. 
The most certain way to succeed is 
always to try just one more time. 
Thomas A. Edison


  1. Thank you for this post. "we are all important."

    1. Not just words, I had the pleasure of wonders, shoulder to shoulder with individuals. All important.
      Thank you for your affirmation

  2. I think that's a wonderful world view, that everyone's important. Thanks for that today, I enjoyed your thoughts and poem.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and open heart.