Monday, April 4, 2016

Our Journey to Slacklining, Fire and Ice 
A couple walks the tightrope of life  
An artist walks the slackline of fire and ice 

Our Journey (poem) 

We started off with stars within our eyes
So filled with promise greeting our sunrise
Each heartbeat held another sweet surprise
We dreamed about a love that never dies
We paid no heed to clouds amid our skies
Or little things that happened to arise
They couldn’t fool true lovers with their guise
They couldn’t fool us two to part
Our eyes too wise to spy through this disguise
Which spoke of ends to world we knew
And wondered when we’d realize
Before our eyes a love would soon be though
But listen to the weeping of a heart
Which once beat the Joys meant for two
Languishing in bewildered sighs
Wandering through just what to do
Into this morning of dew
I reach my hand out to you
Hoping you’ll do the same too
So we’ll learn to journey anew 

It is hard to define this poem's form. Here we have a tale of lovers. Things start falling apart. Things turn really bad. In the end the couple seem to have worked out, In the poem, in the second stanza, the last line doesn't rhyme with the rest, Oddly, in the "conflict' stanza (the fourth stanza) a new rhyme is forming. The poem ends with the new rhyme scheme. A bit more subtle. This poem doesn't have a consist meter (beats) until the end and even then, we have a disturbing 7 beats per line. 

Wouldn't it be great if we could stay in that wonderful part of our life? Life is not like that. It is constantly in motion. It is constantly changing. Now, let's throw two individuals into the mix. Love is a wonderful thing, But, I believe, it is part of of life. As such, it too changes. Back to the individuals/ They change too. Let's have the two individuals fall in love with each other, dealing with a changing life, a changing world. Into this stream of changes floats flowers and challenges.Is this  becoming a bit confusing? Or this plucking a familiar chord? 
How are two individuals, a couple, to deal, to face, to handle tomorrows? I believe in the power of communication, accepting, listening, learning, growing. I believe there is grand power in individuals working together. Throw in love and oh boy! We may not be able to keep a moment alive, except in memories, but we can live so much more. No matter what "they" tell us; Two hearts can beat as one. Everything may be changing, yet we can enrich ourselves in all that existence has to offer. Change will be our wonder as we enjoy. 

After we have been together for some time there's: Vince Gill ''Look At Us'' 

Looking for something new to experience 

Nikolas "Nik" Wallenda is an American acrobat, aerialist, daredevil, high wire artist, and author. Although the source of much controversy, is considered the greatest tightrope walker of all time. Then there's slacklining or the act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing that is tensioned between two anchors. Slacklines differ from tightropes in the type of material used and the amount of tension applied during use. Devin Super Tramp has brought together some of the greatest sacklining artists to create one amazing video. 
The music is by Trevor DeMaere "Go Without Fear" feat. David Mirga "Slacklining, Fire & Ice - 4K" 

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There is nothing permanent 
except change. 


  1. The very best relationships don't just happen. They require nourishment, attention and work. Which you know.

    1. Your words are an excellent addition to all this.
      Thank you so much

  2. Change is indeed a constant. I love the hope in your poem. One reaching out to another...

    1. Very kind of you to say. I believe, in the end hope is all we have...
      Thank you for your support