Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Perhaps to The Internet is Down 
A lover must deal with the loss of his love 
Friends must deal with loss of the internet 

Perhaps (round) 

Some shadows in a distant window there
Perhaps some whispers in my memory
Refreshed my tears thus made it hard to see
This test of something come to steal the air
My mind my heart the bitterness of pain
There never was a kiss so hard to bear
Except for this the rest I’m unaware
Perhaps some distant star might help explain
Was this the ends of all that we’ve been through
Was this the silence mid that sweet refrain
Perhaps this truth will melt amid some rain
Which promise flowers there is life anew
Perhaps behind the pain some clarity
Forgotten past returning to my view
This window to how much I once loved you
Those shadows there were born of you and me 

A round disguised as an Italian sonnet. What makes this a round? Follow the rhyme scheme. Each beginning and ending rhyme leads to the middle of the next stanza, The last stanza leads back to the beginning. (ABBA CAAC DCCD BDDB) One added note. Did we notice that the word "Perhaps" appears in each Stanza? "Perhaps" appears once on each line. Why? 

I lost my childhood sweetheart, Arlene, in August of 2003. We had been together since I was 14. I was devastated. Through the love, care, understanding and encouragement of my friends, family and associates I made it through this dark times. With their encouragement and help I would eventually meet, court an marry my present wife, Amor. 
The poem deals with a dark cycle. An endless abyss. A cycle that many have fallen into, who are faced with pain and sorrow. A cycle I might have been given to had it not been for the concerning hands of individuals. Strange that I didn't see, that I was unaware of this endless pit, inches from my feet. After all, I had helped others who were walking a cloudy path, similar to mine. It leads me to believe: it is easier for our "eyes" to see the footsteps of others than our own. 
I have still fallen into an endless pit. Thank goodness Arlene and I made so many joyful memories. Thank fate that I met Amor, who can bring light to the darkest night. Perhaps. Even when things are not going well. Perhaps. Even in the darkest fog. Perhaps. Even when there doesn't seem to be any hope in sight. Perhaps there still a reason, a purpose to enjoy. 

A loss song I pray that few can relate to: Michael Jackson "She's Out of My Life" 

In today's world losing the internet might be the end of it 

About 3.17 billion people use the internet, of which 50% are on Facebook (per  Statista 2016). With so many people on the internet, imagine if the internet went down. Worse yet (yes, it could get worse), imagine the internet going down as a musical. Sound unbelievable? The crew of AVbyte, along with vine phenomenon Thomas Sanders, have come out with a new video featuring a new musical they're working on, about the internet going down. 
They hope to have the full production done just as soon as all of the crew members can get off of Facebook. "The Internet is Down - THE MUSICAL feat. Thomas Sanders" 

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And I think that I cried for days, 
but now that seems lightyears away, 
and I'm NEVER going back to who I was 


  1. Your closing line brought me to a halt. Such meaningful words, meaningful writing. Thanx

    Internet down? Could be worse. The Internet Musical? No thank you.

    1. Thank you for your meaningful input.
      I hope all is going well