Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poets Unite to Worst Army Ever 
Poet raise their glasses to unite 
An army finds reasons not to fight 

Poets Unite (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Now stand aside us lovers one and all
As we the lost lamenters share our song
A common dirge for those who don’t belong
The sweet soft kisses veiled by parasol
Raise high our words to heavens we arouse
Make symphonies from not so simple sighs
Expound the mystic world in lover’s eyes
So not for aught our dreams of love espouse
The rambling of rabble oft draws ear
Too timid to turn thoughts into a pulse
To bare themselves would cause them to convulse
Such hold to reasons why they are not here
Let us who weave of love together stay
Creators of the world where lovers play

Why should it surprise, that poets use a Shakespearean sonnet as a rallying cry?  As one might suspect, the lines are filled wit layers of meaning. The speaker has 14 lines to toy to the tastes of his peers and rouse them up. Was he successful? 

When my life changed, I decided to be a writer. I would like to share a thought or two in order to motivate. I don't consider myself among the best. I just do what I do. I have been at this for six years and have seen many individuals come and go. Anyone who enters this world thinking they will be an "overnight sensation", all I can say is I encountered a few, so it is possible. I am not one of them. Some writers have invested a long time developing a following. Some writers have dropped out of sight. I run into a few of them every now and again on Twitter and Facebook, asking me how I'm doing. 
Considering how tricky the business of writing can be, take heart. I don't think ability, talent or skill are entirely a measure of success. I think luck, timing or something else comes into play. There are also "those" people. We know who I'm talking about by their comments. They know more or better than us. I know them because I was one of them. This should give us some insight into "those" people. Thanks to kinder hearts, a conscience, the loss of followers and a positive nature, I made a much needed correction.
Most important: never give up hope. We may not all be Shakespeares. But you are the best you. And that's saying a lot. You want to be a writer? Be one. Who are we to tell you, you can't? Who are we to scoff your loyal followers (commenting or not)? We must believe in ourselves. If we can't believe in us, how can we expect others to? If we decide to stop writing it is because we chose to follow another dream. And who can follow a dream, but a dreamer, a creator, you. With so much potential, what are we to do, but enjoy. 

Back to the poet: Thomas Morley "Sing we and chant it" 

From the glory of poets to to the not so worthless world of laughs 

With the 4th largest military in the world and a $26 billion in investments and military aid, Iraq is considered to have one of the worst armies in history. Their biggest problem? Loyalty. Leave it to Smosh to uncover a contender in the war of worst armies.  It seems that, way back when, the Alliance of Hecoxia have lived in fear of the other kingdoms. Smosh has (supposedly) uncovered the events of the day of the almost great encounter. 
Abviously, no one was injured on the day filming this sketch. "WORST ARMY EVER" 

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  1. Liking the jolly lute player. The verse is witten in sonnet form but I think it was one of the entertainments provided at the end of the performance of a play (can't recall which one) - a bonus a bit like the B movie in cinemas way back when.

    Tenancity is perhaps one of the qualities required of a writer - one that I sadly lack.

    1. Great that somethings was worth your visit.
      Thank you for your valuable input

  2. I am glad you are following your dream. I enjoy your poetry and words, you have such a wonderful outlook and express it beautifully.

    1. Thank you so much.
      This is coming from an artist whose beauty cases hearts to drift