Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sunset’s Goodnight to I'm Too Old For This Sh*t 
Lovers face their old age 
A CIA agent faces his retirement (or death) 

Sunset’s Goodnight (English sonnet) 

The sun they knew was waning them goodnight
As hand in hand they stood to face the dawn
The curtains on the life they knew was drawn
Tomorrow’s promise flickered from their sight
They wandered through the seasons now all gone
Which brought them to this end of their delight
Where winds of dreams once faded reignite
And somehow all they might be lingers on
Goodnight to this once sprite and youthful pair
Goodnight to friends and places which have passed
Goodnight to all that days before entranced
Then suddenly they caught each other’s stare
Within their eyes was endless truth amassed
And to the sunset’s music couple danced 

In this English sonnet a couple faces their old age. In the first half they reflect on a time passed. Then on the first triplet, is a sad, haunting ostinato, as the lovers say goodnight to the past.  Then within their eyes, they are taken by a truth. 

Arlene's and my aging was a bit skewed. I am hardly well fit to lecture others on growing old. When Arlene and I were young, we were were very active. There was eating out, hanging out with our friends, enjoying our city and California, concerts, sports, events, you name it, we were there. And there was the dancing. Then our children were born, first Peter then Robin. Life was different, but we became active parents. Our involvement in our children took our minds off that couple, of our youth. Then as our children started to meet the world on there own, there we were. Arlene and I realized we were old. "It" was all gone. Luckily, I joined the Masons. They (the members) were much older than Arlene and I. We were put in charge of parties and other fun events, As it tuned out, we were only one couple of many that was rejuvenating Freemasonry at the time. Likes attract likes. It wasn't long till we were pulled together to share our ideas, to lavish in each other's richness. Arlene and I were 20 again. 
We all have to face, to deal with our aging. It is a course of time that everything gets old. The question is how do we deal with our aging. Let me share one more insight. When I courted my present wife, Amor, we became ageless. People who saw us together must have thought we were teenagers dressed up like old people. I didn't think about how old I was. It never entered my mind. Could it be that "getting old" is just something that has been put in our head? Sure, as we age our bodies may not be as they once were. But the mind... People tell us to act our age. So we act older. But what if our age is whatever we believe it to be? Even on a tennis court, at the age of 56, I was able to stand my ground against 16 year olds. What I'm suggesting is: bodies aside, much about getting old is in our head. Free our minds to all our richness and glories. Know that though we may not be able to do everything, we can still do a lot. Time is not a limitation, it is an experience. Live, love, enjoy. 

You going to love this video: Secret Garden "Nocturne" 

Was it a retirement party or a Good riddance party 

According to The Daily Beast, The CIA once had a plan to drop condoms labeled “Medium” into the USSR to convince Russian women that Americans were more virile. Now, if one believes that rumor, one will also believe College Humor's Josh Mullen;s rumor that CIA officers are assassinated at their retirement. This is where Jack Maxwell come in (or actor Josh Mullen. who was fired for using company funds to make a movie). 
Confused? Watch the video. It won't explain anything, but it might make us laugh. "I'm Too Old For This Sh*t (Fatal Decision)" 

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Aging is not lost youth 
but a new stage of opportunity 
and strength. 
Betty Friedan


  1. Age, like time, is endlessly flexible.
    Some days my body feels (and behaves) as if it is 103. At least.
    I don't think my mind ever does. And I refuse to grow up.

    1. Once again your comment has added value.
      We all thank you

  2. Interesting how you re invented your life after the children - age is but a number, and you are as old as you feel.

    1. Thank you so much for adding your voice to this reason

  3. "endless truth amassed" is such a beautiful turn of phrase! Definitely aging is in some part our attitudes...

    1. "aging is in some part our attitudes..."
      Thank you for this wonder thought