Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Whisper In The Wind to Clark Kent's Problem 
Lovers search for secret in the wind 
An office searches for Clark Kent's secret 

Whisper In The Wind (English sonnet) 

A whisper in the wind so gently fell
Upon a sleeping garden rich with dew
The tears of dreams still waiting to come true
Amid the blossom of dawn’s morning spell
This whisper in the wind its secret flew
Across the hearts of flowers which there dwell
Who felt the wonder there among them swell
Their light and reason soon would be in view
A moment of silence took all around
A chorus of beauty waits to astound
What whisper in the wind is so profound
Come see the glory and meaning to this
Amid such perfection how could we dismiss
Now whole world waits to feel true lovers kiss 

A slight variation of an English sonnet. Normally this version of the English sonnet has triplets that follow this rhyme scheme: CDE CDE. I have chosen to let each triplet rhyme with itself. Notice how each stanza uses the words "whisper in the wind" until the mystery is finally solved. And of course, all of this is for a kiss. 

I hope we all know, what a fool I am for a kiss. I'm sure, in other editions of this blog, I will go into more details. For now let me talk about poetry, styles and creativity. First off, I do not consider myself an expert or a master on this subject. This is only my personal opinion. When I was going to school, I was blessed with many great teachers. One of these was Mr. Walters, my Shakespeare Literature instructor. Mr. Walters felt it was important to learn other forms of poetry to appreciate the works of Shakespeare. We had a lot of homework and a lot of writing. Mr. Walters made it all easy. He was a great motivator. So was Denise, who I did most of my work for. But that's a different story. What impressed me most and left a its mark, even today, was Mr. Walter's lessen, "There are no absolutes in poetry." When we students had an assignment to write a poem in a particular style and we broke that style, Mr Walters would ask us why. As long as we had a reason, the poem was acceptable. All reasons were accepted. When we finally got down to learning about the works of Shakespeare, Mr. Walters would have us learn by engaging in class discussions. He actually said very little. Whatever direction the class went was up to us. There was no opinion too "out there". Did we really get "A Midsummer Night's Dream" or "Hamlet"? I don't know, but the discussions... 
The point is : who is to say our avenues of expression(s) is not correct? That poem, that painting , that song, that dance move is no good because... Sure, everything created by humans can be made better. To be made better, isn't it best to focus on what is good? People tend to do better if encouraged with positives. We also learn faster. We are all blessed with creativity and an avenue of expression. Limitless. As individual as we all are. It all starts from "here". So enjoy.

Back to the lovers and the kiss: Secret Garden "Windancer" 

I know what you're thinking - That was super man - Talking about Superman 

Originally Superman could not fly. He was merely able to jump great distances. The ability to fly was added later at the request of Max Fleischer Studios. Meanwhile, working at an office is Clark Kent. Clark's coworkers begin to wonder why he keeps disappearing whenever Superman shows up to save the day. 
Follow the folks of Trophy Husbands as the mystery is solved. "Clark Kent's Problem" 

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Soul meets soul on lovers' lips. 
Percy Bysshe Shelley


  1. It sounds like you had an excellent teacher. Certainly your words are so beautifully put together and I enjoy them greatly.

    1. Yes, I was blessed with a lot of memorable teachers.
      Thank you for your blessing

  2. That's good when writing a poem at school you were permitted to go outside the square, and your teacher listened.

    1. It was quite a class. Plus, Mr. Walters had young lovers in a poetry class! Imagine.
      Thank you for taking this trip with us