Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Window A Memory to Welcome to Gainsville 
A window teaches a heart to sing 
An artist teaches the wonders of weight training

A Window A Memory (Italian sonnet) 

I find myself again beneath your realm
A window to my light my hopes my dreams
With feelings which my heartbeats overwhelm
As soul is floating on enchantment’s streams
Is there forever’s morning will appear
To teach a world to blossom with a song
A timeless ray of heaven will cohere
This memory to last a lifetime long
I never knew a second moved so slow
Nor felt the hidden whisper of a wind
Of shadows hinting that she might not show
A gloom the light of you will soon rescind
I find myself again beneath your sill
A window which will soon be graced by you
And stories of tomorrow we’ll distill
Till wedding bells will make those stories true 

When we peel back the layers and layers of love, we will find an Italian sonnet. There is nothing special, word wise, in this sonnet. It is simply a lover trying to paint a mood. Notice how the conflict stanza (the third stanza) adds a bit of flavor. The ending,  kind of, sounds like a marriage proposal. 

When we were dating, Arlene's room was on the third floor. She had a single window facing the street. Whenever I went to be with Arlene, we would have an exchange, with me on the street and Arlene at her window. As her window came in my view, I would have thoughts, similar to the sonnet's and as a love sick puppy. Here is a romantic touch. Arlene always seemed to know I was there, without me calling her or ringing the doorbell. (Clue: She was a love sick puppy too.) 

When Arlene and I moved into the palace in the sky, the window days gave way to other lovers games of the heart. We tried to recreate the window days at a family gathering. It didn't work. It wasn't the same. The window days  were transformed to a pleasant mind trip for two hearts to take when Arlene ad I cuddled under a soft blanket.

I believe memories never die. It is we who must move on. Look at us.. There is no now. We are constantly moving toward tomorrow. It is our nature. We can carry pictures with us of the precious moments we made or were part of. We can enjoy those pictures under a soft blanket. But to stay... Tomorrow is waiting for its own memories. Memories only we can make. Yes, only us. What a wonder we are, to have created so much that even tomorrow is waiting for us. And as we pause to catch our breath, enjoy. 

To go with this theme: Armik "Your Touch" 

How about a little weight training to keep our heart strong for love 

Weightlifting has a lengthy history. For many prehistoric tribes, the traditional test of manhood was the lifting of a special rock. The competitive lifting of stones still persists locally in Germany. Put all your rocks away and meet Jack McStack Rack, of RocketJump Lift Team. Jack is one of the masters of the gains one might achieve by pumping iron. He is about to show us 4 new and incredible exercises. 
Watch the entire video before attempting to leave the comfort of your chair. "Welcome to Gainsville" 

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Mattie Stepanek


  1. True on the memory front.
    I am always fascinated by how flexible time is. An hour can last a lifetime, or be gone before it begins...

    1. You too? Time goes by very slow for me too.
      Enjoy and make the most of this gift.
      Thank you for stopping by

  2. When I was a teen, I had a boyfriend that once rode his bicycle 10 miles to see me, I snuck him into my window. Only got a kiss before daddy came home, then out the window he went and fled home. He later passed away. I never saw him again.

    1. What a memory! Sorry that it had such a tragic ending.
      Thank you so much for making this a part of this edition

  3. What beautiful poetry! Memories can be so special. Thank you for that reminder.

    1. Sweet memories are precious.
      Thank for your reminder

  4. Memories are never forgotten if we wish not to forget them. Always wonderful to keep the good ones.

    1. It has been my experience that memories have a life of their own.
      Thank you and looking forward to more of your memories