Friday, May 27, 2016

Altered Dawn to Thirty Years Ago 
What dream has possessed this lover's mind 
What reason has possessed this house 

Altered Dawn (English sonnet) 

What is this flower dares to share your name
As if it had some beauty to compare
To all the wonders still lay hidden there
Where shadow have no hope against your flame
What is this scent of shame which tames the air
Which doesn’t share your flair or will to frame
A scent of memories which are the same
Amid a world bereft and unaware
Return you dreamer of an altered dawn
A soul still drifts upon the morning’s light
With eyes still lost amid the sparkling dew
What flower dares what dreams are built upon
The scent of it adds tears to my delight
Whose dreams are made of memories of you 

Word Wizardry adds delicious sweetness to this English sonnet. This sonnet is packed with metaphor. For example, a flower is not just a plant. It can be anything beautiful. In the quatrains, watch for the word play (dares, share, compare, etc.). This was done, not just to imitate a lover, but to make the most of 14 lines. In the quatrain, we have a lover gone wild. Something calms him down, a little, in the onset of the triplets, 

I'm sure that many can relate to this. When I was a teenager in love, Arlene was everything and everything was Arlene. Everything beautiful was beautiful compared to Arlene. If it was sweet, it was sweet compared to Arlene. The world was Arlene. I was a teenager. That explains it. At what point will I stop being a teenager? Sure, I grew up. I gathered responsibilities, demands, callings. But with every dawn, there was Arlene. The purpose for it all.. The world tried unsuccessfully to cloud what was really important. Sure, we no longer hang all over each other, but it was not uncommon for people to wonder who was that couple kissed by the moonlight. I'm sure that many can relate to this. Just wanted you to know. I felt that way too. 

Who am I to discuss love? I believe love is beyond any attempted explanation. I believe the best we can do is accept what love means to us, individually. Listen to and respect other's concept of love. But keep in mind it is their blessing of love. No greater or less than our love. So beyond our understand that love lives beyond any limitation. Imagine that. We are granted this wondrous gift. A gift unique to us alone. I believe when couples fall in love, a new realm, a new reality is formed. Ageless, With a meaning all of its own. And where does it all lead? Let's find out. Let's find out and enjoy. 

How about this for a love song: DJ Okawari "Flower Dance" 

Believe it or not, there are things that can't be believed 

Found over 2,000 years after her death, Lady Dais of the Han Dynasty, one of the world’s well- preserved ancient human remains was buried in a mysterious liquid that scientists still can’t replicate. Believe that unexplained mystery? Then you will have little problem explaining this unexplained mystery uncovered by Cool Kid Comedy. It seems 30 years ago something happened in this house.
If anyone can explain the explainable of this video, please explain it to the rest of us. "Thirty Years Ago" 

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Heaven would indeed be heaven 
if lovers were there permitted 
as much enjoyment as they 
had experienced on earth. 
Giovanni Boccaccio


  1. Love and laughter make the very best foundations for a life don't they? Anything can be built on them...

    1. Yes indeed and you do ab admirable job passing them along.
      Thank you

  2. Thanks for the visit and kind words!

    I truly enjoyed this post!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and the kind words

  3. What word wizardry indeed! This line "Whose dreams are made of memories of you" especially sings to me.

    1. I am humbled.
      Thank you for the dreams you shar