Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Could I Have Loved You More to BgA - Boys generally Asian 
A lover wonders the dream of "could I have loved more" 
Boys wonder the dream of forming an Asian boys group 

Could I Have Loved You More (lyrical poem) 

Could I have loved you more
It’s not for me to say
The dreams worth living for
Are tears of yesterday
Our kisses flowed like rain
To sweeten bitter shore
And with each new refrain
Could I have loved you more
It only took my heart to see
We drifted in a fantasy
Where often things lose clarity
Except that you are still by me
Could I have loved you more
When sighs were swept away
As we let passions soar
And it ignited day
Where kisses followed rain
Searched for ways to shore
With you amid the pain
Could I have loved you more
It only took my heart to see
The agony of feelings’ plea
Without a word to set them free
Foretelling their calamity
Yet as we mask this troubled sea
Which shadowed our reality
It restores my clarity
Just knowing you are still by me
Could I have loved you more
Is there another day
With wishes to explore
What a dream may say
While kisses have their reign
Along our sweetest shore
Another may explain
Could I have loved you more
Just knowing you are with me
Could I have loved you more 

Another form: A lyrical poem. This lyrical poem has a two part chorus. The first part begins and the second part ends with "Could I have loved you more". The verse lines all rhyme with "me". The verses have eight beats, while the choruses have six beats. The song ends with a coda, combining the verses (seven beats) with the choruses. 

Could I have loved you more? There is a classical lover's question. I know I could have loved her more. Both in feelings and expressions. I could have loved Arlene, in feelings, until my head exploded. But, I think I did pretty good (even though my head didn't explode). 

I've gone over, in these editions, Arlene's surprise trip to New York, the very special planned dinner, the clothes shopping, the dances, the love letters and all the memories you have grown to enjoy, Here is one more cute memory. I secured a spy at Arlene's place of employment. My spy would tell me if Arlene mentioned at work that she wished for something or wanted to go somewhere. Like magic, at the home-front, Arlene's wishes came true. Whether a special treat, a show she wanted to see, a place she wanted to go, I would try to surprise her. Here is where things get cute. Arlene was much too smart for me. Yes, she knew about my spy. She loved our romantic excursions where I would whisper, one more time, "Could I have loved you more." 

I am certain we all have special memories of our adventures in the realms of love. Maybe our memories didn't include the Eiffel Tower, in France (which I didn't see either). But we all carry special memories in our hearts. Moment we made with that someone special. Moments which are unique to only two hearts. Could I have loved you more? Image that a couple could have fashioned what two hold so dear. Wondrous isn't it? And there is tomorrow waiting for this and more. And if our head doesn't explode, let us let our hearts rejoice in, "Could I have loved you more" and enjoy. 

We probably suspected this song was coming: Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero "More" 

Some people dream of love - Some people dream of boys bands 

By record sales, Orlando, Florida's A. J. McLean, Howie D., Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell of The Bakestreet Boys was the top boy band, at over 130 million albums sold. While we, in America, are watching our boy bands, South Korea is conquering the world with K- Pop (Korean-Pop). Though K-Pop includes girl groups, most of K-Pop's success (money) is credited to the Korean boy bands. These boy bands can sell a million albums on the day of release, not to mention the adoration of the girls. Nigahiga Channel has created a video about the formation of one of these K-Pop bands. 
Introducing BgA (Boys generally Asian). "BgA - Dong Saya Dae (똥싸야돼) M/V" 

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