Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ever’s Treasure to Liquid Paper Cardistry 
A lover describes the wonder of ever 
Card masters display their wonder as cards flow like liquid 

Ever’s Treasure (Italian sonnet) 

I’ll ever treasure moments which were set
Upon the tides which swept across my heart
The winds of ever cast a small vignette
Of splendors yet unknown about to start
As ever whispered promise thrills the air
The stars which make my heaven clear the way
Such memories has ever waiting there
That time forgotten lost in this display
And here I’ll slip in what is yet to be
How could one gauge the depth of mystery
I’m taken far from one who once was me
To realms where dreams alive dance merrily
And ever waits across an evermore
A wish of wonder purpose to renew
Each moment of my paradise explore
As ever ever holds me close to you 

Ever found a playground in this Italian sonnet. As this lover lets his heart loose to his desire, a subtle theme is played out. Notice, in the first two stanzas the word "ever" is mentioned in at least two lines. In the third stanza (the conflict stanza) there is no mention of "ever". This is made up in the four stanza, were "ever" appears four times. So we have at least two ever's treasures. 

Arlene and I weren't world travelers. There where lifetimes of things to experience near the San Francisco Bay Area. (Not to suggest world sightseeing is a bad thing. Different strokes for different folks.) Though we did take some jonts across the United States, most of our treasured moments were close to home. There was a major benefit to our joy. Arlene and I could try the same thing in a different way. We rarely had to think too hard about the details of our plans because there was always next time. As it turns out, life lasts a long time and change is a fact of life. Through it all Arlene and I have filled treasure chests with precious moments. In our time together, so much is no longer there, but here. in our forever. So when we pass the place where our favorite restaurant used to be, we can share a kiss for the evers that were bloomed there and will be our rainbow, our hope. 

Whether it is love or something else meaningful to you, make those "evers", those moments for our timeless treasure chests. But, I can't. But, I don't have... But, there is no... Throw away those "buts". I believe there is one thing worse than never doing, never living our dream. Never even trying, I believe, is far worse. And if something is meaningful, isn't it worth, deserving of a try? Can we think of anything more worth it, more deserving than ourselves? That "ever" can be the morning kiss to welcome the dawn or that kiss on the Eiffel tower to say to the world, "We did it." We are much too special. We deserve it. Fill your treasure chests. May they overflow. May your joy be the refreshing rivers for others. And as we look forward to our ever let us enjoy.

And while we're dreaming: Orkidea "Beautiful" 

Let's add a little more wonder 

Conjuring tricks with playing cards became popular around the 19th century. At that time, simple card flourishes were often performed by magicians as a way of demonstrating sleight of hand. Out of this grew cardistry. Cardistry is the art of masterfully controlling cards. There is no magic or trickery involved. Huron Low, Kevin Ho and Daren Yeow are three masters of cardistry. They unite their wizardry to make this amazing video. 
As you are watching this video, remember there is no trickery involved. It is hard to believe what a person can do with playing cards. "Cardistry - Virtuoso : Liquid Paper feat. the SS16 Virtuoso Deck" 

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  1. Open eyes, hearts and minds (and someone to share them with) are precious gifts. As are the memories.

    1. A poet!
      Thank you for the wonderful warm words

  2. You share such treasured moments in your words. Thank you.

    1. It makes me happy it touches a a cord in you.
      Thank you for the visit

  3. Beautifully written and so true.

    1. Thank you.
      These editions are reflections of warm words like these

  4. Thanks for the small journey through your life, through your heart.

    1. Thank you for your gracious comment
      It means so much to me