Sunday, May 8, 2016

Every Dream to Security Guard Catches Fire 
Can a dream survive the fire of an unexplained misunderstanding 
Can an office visitor survive when an unexplained fire breaches security 

Every Dream (repeating poem) 

Had every dream now come to this
A boy and girl a last goodbye
As time stood still mid moonlit sky
There was no lasting parting kiss
Just teardrop from an angel’s eye
That touched a heart and would not die
The next day passed in misery
Had every dream now come to this
When in the streets what did she see
Her wish there waiting patiently
His open arms awaiting bliss
A world of Joy at last set free
As warm wind passed their feelings grew
Till realms of them was all they knew
Had every dream now come to this
Each morning held a new blessed hue
A memory awaited two
Another dance they dare not miss
Then came a time that was amiss
When kisses turned to argument
And passion fired each long lament
Had every dream now come to this
Each day now rained in deep decent
Till stars did wonder where love went
Then one day hearts saw through the pain
The reasons why they would dismiss
What there was lost they would regain
In endless love they would remain
Had every dream now come to this
It came to this let kiss explain
And so in Joy each day a year
Each memory brought so much cheer
They could not see their last abyss
That for his love the end was near
An so he cried an angel’s tear
Had every dream now come to this

One line, the same words changes meaning as the poem progresses. The poem doesn't explain what caused a couple's mishap. It only covers the confusion in a lover's soul. As the poem progresses the line, "Had every dream now come to this", and its associated rhyming line move down one line move down one one line until the key line reaches the end. What is interesting is, the same words take on a different meaning as the poem progresses. There is one more interesting thing about this poem. The last stanza. Did the couple really get back together or is it a dream? 

Arlene and I didn't argue until after we were married. Our arguments would consist of yelling and me sleeping on the couch. I struck Arlene once and felt so bad that I never even thought of hitting her again. Our fights never lasted long. I loved to cuddle with Arlene. So sleeping alone, on the couch kind of worked again this. Then there was the make-up kiss and the occasional dinner. That's right, occasionally Arlene and I went out after a argument. Of course, Arlene always had the power to speed things up,

Arlene and I are hardly examples of this poem. We were lucky. Luckier than some of our friends, who came knocking at our door, when their relationships went soar. Countless where the stories. Some got back together. Some did not. (Isn't it strange, people with relationship problems came to Arlene and me?) 

Lucky or not, I often wonder what effect our spats had one us. One could say we were strengthen by our surviving these arguments. I believe all arguments are bad. I believed this even as I gave in to one more fight. Why did I give in? (That's another discussion.) So here we are. A person who couldn't control himself telling others fights in relationships are bad and should be avoided. Maybe just knowing and accepting helps. In any case, good luck and may the best of everything go with you and find a reason to enjoy. 

How about a motivational love song: Francis Lai "Love Story" 

This gives new meaning to our security is on fire 

The first full body security scanner was developed by Dr. Steven W. Smith, who developed the Secure 1000 whole body scanner in 1992. Though he maintains the copy right, innovations to his devise has been taken over by a number of companies. As mind boggling as Dr. Smith's brain child has become. mishaps do occupationally happen. None like the mishap famed magician Michael Carbonaro stages for an office visitor. 
The question is: which is better, the trick or the office visitor's reaction to it? "The Carbonaro Effect - Security Guard Catches Fire" 

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Happy Mother's Day 

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth 
until the hour of separation. 
Kahlil Gibran


  1. If ever I hear of a relationship where there are NO disagreements I assume that one member of the couple at least is lying (or completely subjugated by the other). Which is wrong.
    It isn't the disagreement/arguments which are the problem, but how they are handled. Do they cause resentment or rebuilding...

    1. It is possible for a "happy" couple not to fight. Arlene and I didn't fight the entire time we were dating. My present wife, Amor, and I haven't fought in 5 years.
      Thank you for your powerful insight

  2. Fights are necessary. Exposes us to different views, opinions, things you didn't know (about a person), and don't need to be destructive, if Fight is changed to Talk. .....and giving up on finding blames, rather looking towards finding solutions, compromising, win-win? In an ideal world *grin* but something to try do more often.

    1. There is much in what you say. Others share in this thinking (in one way or another).
      Thank you for taking the time to share this

  3. Your words have a powerful beauty. For some couples, fighting is part of their dynamic, but I think it varies from couple to couple.

    1. Point well taken. Something to reflect upon.
      That you for bringing this dynamic to light

  4. Spices up life to have a disagreement.
    I do like that song.

    1. Thank you so much for trying to make me feel better.
      So you like some of my music

  5. Every relationship/marriage is different. Even the same relationship evolves and becomes different over time. An occasional fight is good :-) for the making-up potential. Otherwise life would be boring.

    1. Such a wonderful insight.
      Thank you for opening up one more window

  6. Some fighting inevitable! I guess making up is the fun part. Wonderful poem and post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

    1. Thank you for the comforting thoughts.
      May you be blessed also