Monday, May 30, 2016

Fans Of Youth to Yoga Pants Rap 
Some people want to stay young forever 
Some people simply want yoga pants 

Fans of Youth (English sonnet) 

They set out once again these fans of youth
To finish fancies not so far away
From all the things so different today
Beside forgotten rivers of the truth
They sing of other things behind their mind
In flavored fashioned songs from their old home
A sacred silent bond with which they roam
Creates imagination this refined
Their laughter covered reason for all tears
Of those that found a part amid their heart
To set one’s own reality aright
These saints of old returning through the years
Of washed out fears while memories impart
With fans who dreams of them another night 

A song of youth fills this English sonnet. When people say sonnet, what mostly comes to mind is the Shakespearean form. There is nothing wrong with that. But as we can see here, the English form of sonnet may be more suited to express an idea. We have two quatrains to paint a general background. Then comes the triplets (Couplets can also be used). I have used the first triplet to set up some problems, in the form of reflections. The second triplet draws the entire sonnet to its conclusion. 

Aging is another topic that I might not be an expert at. I was blessed with a pretty good body. I can be called old, but beating me at tennis is another thing. I have always walked to the beat of a different drum, so I'm accustomed to acting, to thinking, to behaving differently. I have mentioned that at 40 I joined and organization, whose members were in their 50's and 60's (to be nice). I was in my 20's again. So as far as age goes, I believe, it is a frame of mind. The body gets older, but the mind, the attitude... But Martin, it is hard to dance with a walker. Some children are born (sadly) who will never dance. Think about that. Arlene and I never had a problem revisiting our youth, in the shadow of disgruntled lookers-on, thinking act your age. That was our age, going down slides, riding the merry-go-round, play hide and  seek and kissing. 50 year old teenagers kissing and holding hands and sharing an ice cream. Ageless. 

We cannot turn back time. We cannot make our body younger than it is. But the mind... I believe (crazy as I am) the mind has its own playground. There is an unwritten rule, that says when we reach a so-and-so age, we "must" act like this. Then there is, "I feel so old." Aside from these, I believe, our minds are ageless. Whose life is this anyway? If we want to use an open swing at the park; if we want go to a concert meant for the "younger" audience; if we want to go to school (college) again, who is to stop us? We may get some weird looks. But are we looking for reassurance outside ourselves? Are we looking for a reason we cannot be young again and again and again. There is a fountain of youth. It flows through us all. It is waiting for us to trust, to believe, to drink. Drink from our own personal fountain of youth and enjoy. 

A bit of sentiment to motivate: Madonna "This Used To Be My Playground" 

Yoga is a good way to keep young, but first we need... 

While the truth of the origin of yoga pants remain unknown there is a great bit of lore. Supposedly, a Canadian company called Lululemon started hawking plain black yoga pants and simple white t-shirts that were "infused with the health giving mineral essences of seaweed" called "vitasea" or some such nonsense (per the New York times, though as time went on this article started developing holes). Well, that leads us to "Yoga Pants Rap" It was written by Deva Dalporto, of My Life Suckers, and Jan Chmelar. 
That is true. I have the video right here. "Yoga Pants Rap" 

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There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, 
your talents, the creativity you bring to your life 
and the lives of people you love. 
When you learn to tap this source, 
you will truly have defeated age. 
Sophia Loren


  1. My body is treacherous and recalcitrant and some days my mind follows suit. I grow older, but hope never to 'grow up' enough to stop seeing the magic in balloons, and rainbows and...

    1. I'm impressed wit your words and feelings.
      Thank you for the expression

  2. What lovely poetry and words Martin! I think aging is both in body and perceptions, it is an interesting topic to think upon today.

    1. You might be right. I was pretty lucky.
      Thank you and I hope your lucky too