Monday, May 23, 2016

His Dreams to Beet Dip 
One man's heartbeat is lost with his dreams 
One man dreams of the perfect beet dip 

His Dreams (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The dirt of the gutter would find his dreams
Just floating away with little to say
Another let down in life’s many streams
Has painted his day with colors of grey
Existence in tears seemed his destined fate
Each heartbeat of hope a reason to mope
So he cast off his dreams to ease the weight
No more mires to grope no shadows to cope
But there to the gutter came stranger’s hand
And so full of care they pulled dreams from there
There with the silence tried to understand
With so much to share this scent in the air
Amid his darkness he heard the word sir
Imagine the stir his dreams were with her 

A bit of word play and a happy ending comprise this Shakespearean sonnet.Word play? This sonnet contains two sets of rhymes. Follow lines two and four. On beats five and ten the rhymes are echoed. This sonnet ends with one more mind teaser. Who is this "her"? 

This poem is about hope. I have been very blessed in my life. Sure, there were some dark sides, but I had Arlene, my friends and now Amor. In regards to the sonnet, I was more of the stranger's hand. In my volunteer and charity efforts I have been fortunate to come in touch with many people. Some of these people turned to me as something more. 

One of these people was Danny. Danny went on disability and became unable to work. This was very depressing to him. I was coming up with a new way to teach Masonry to new candidates. A new idea to an old institution was a bit of a challenge, especially coming from a "wild guy". Danny was one of the guys who believed in me, along with a number of the conservatives (Namely Fred Nielson). As the school of instruction proved itself successful, I turned to Danny. The man had a real love of history. He was a great researcher but a poor teacher. One night I got an idea to ask the students, how to improve the class, especially the instructors, beginning with me. The feedback was strong, but positive. Danny took his to heart. His teaching got better and better and better. I threw in a few performance tricks (acting) and a new man was born. One night, Danny shows up, happier than I had ever seen him. His disability was rescinding. He was able to work again. Danny credits me and the school. Was he right? I don't know. 

Danny is now helping others. I believe it is within each individual to be a "helping hand" to others. Have you ever been walking and have been greeted by a stranger's smile? The power of something so simple. Sure, there can be found examples of human misconduct, of human blindness. I do not accept it. That is not us. We are part of a better world. A caring world. A world that is ready to offer up a smile, a helping hand. We should claim our part of this dream and enjoy. 

And the beat goes on: Deep Sound Beats "Hope" 

Beet anyone

One of the earliest known benefits of the red beet is its use as an aphrodisiac during the Roman times. Beets have been found to contain high amounts of boron, which is directly related to the production of human sex hormones. The only problem is that many of us don't like the taste of beets. Gregg, of You Suck At Cooking, has solved this. He has a simple recipe to help us enjoy beets. If he can only get serious, we might stop laughing long enough to try his recipe. 
Oh yes, beets are rich in other nutrients. "Beet Dip - You Suck at Cooking (episode 39)" 

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The purpose of human life is to serve, 
and to show compassion and the will to help others. 
Albert Schweitzer


  1. I like your attitude.
    I frequently despair about our species - and then I remember that there ARE good, kind and caring people. They just get less publicity.

    1. Check - the good outlives the evil.
      I know you are doing good work.
      Keep up the cause, Thank you

  2. I like that your poem has hope. I am also glad that you have helped so many.

    1. I believe it is the duty of one as blessed as I to be the hope of others.
      Thank you for the warmth you bring

  3. This is really deep! I like the Shakespeare Sonnet the best. Something about the form and the math in it. My favorite line is this, "But there to the gutter came stranger’s hand"

    1. Thank you for stopping by and providing this insight

  4. Seems you might have motivated Danny...good one you.

    1. Was it me or my teachers?
      In any case, thank you for your confidence in me

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    1. Thank you. I do appreciate your interest and input.