Friday, May 6, 2016

His Window to The Jar of Life 
The window of a man's life 
The jar of our lives 

His Window (Italian sonnet) 

He stares through window at the world he made
Aglow with all the time that he spent there
Each flower joins the thankful serenade
To one whose heart made time to show his care
The roses that he planted are in bloom
And nesting birds are singing in his trees
Amidst the dew a rainbow shows its plume
As ballerinas dance amid the breeze
Through his window life puts on a show
It calls to him this father of this all
It calls to him from whom it got its glow
And if he’s gone each moment they’ll recall
It’s then they saw his lonely window close
And no one cared and no one even cried
Who was this stranger only heaven knows
Who shed a final smile before he died 

An Italian sonnet, a story, a message. A rich, beautiful picture is painted. Then it calls to the person responsible for it all. In the final stanza we are pulled into a lonely room and death. The goal of this sonnet should be confusion and hope. 

We all have to die. That is fact of earthly life. This sonnet paints a picture of an individual who was comfortable ending this life. We are not given any insight into any religious views. We are only granted an insight as to what this person is seeing. Wait. The sonnet gives no clue if all this was really happening or only in the man's mind. We only can guess, he died happy, satisfied at what he saw through his window. 

With death waiting for us all, I believe we should all enjoy those things that make us happy and satisfied. It is important to know what makes us (not "them") happy. There will come a moment when it's all too late. We can go on with reincarnation or a place in a paradise where we all shall meet again or a myriad of continuations faith is air too, but our time here is over. Remember the smile as a man died. So shall we all live our lives. Yes, "shall", not "should". There is only this and this will know that we were here and celebrate a life well spent. And when another time is over, just like the sonnet, life will echo, there was someone who knew how to enjoy. 

How about a little classical music: Ludwig Van Beethoven 
"Symphony No.6 (Pastoral) - 3rd Movement" (the abrupt cut off is the 4th movement) 

What does life and a mayonnaise jar have in common 

Founded in 1831, New York University (NYU) is ranked the top schools in America for the study of philosophy (per QS World University Rankings). One of the classic explanations of life is the "lesson of the jar". If you have never heard or seen  this explanation before, are you in for a treat. Meir Kay has put together a video of this classic lesson. 
Meir's version has a funny ending. One that I doubt we will never see in any school. "The Jar of Life (Inspirational Short Film)" 

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Very little is needed to make a happy life; 
it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. 
Marcus Aurelius


  1. We all die alone. Yes! Live your life fully. I get all that. But no matter what, I don't know where I'm going, for a fact, my faith in nothing is strong enough to fully trust, and I'm a control freak. I must know where I'm going.... .

    1. Sounds to me,you're on the right track.
      Thank you for sharing your point of view

  2. Dying with a smile is almost certainly the very best way to go. I wish it was given to more of us.
    Living with a smile is definitely the best way to live. Smiles and laughter.

    1. Well put!
      Thank you for taking the time to add this wonderful clarity

  3. I love how you've conveyed his world through his window. Thank you for the beautiful words.

    1. Window is a metaphor for mind.
      Thank you for the compliment