Saturday, May 28, 2016

I Dream to The Bose Shhh 
A lover shares his dream 
To help him sleep Bose as invented a noise reducer 

I Dream (poem)

I dream of a palace not far away
Where my love and I can quietly stray
And world wrought with problems has little to say
And whispers and kisses frolic all day
I dream of fields where flowers go
Where loving her is all I know
And rivers have a gentler flow
And star crossed eyes put on a show
I dream of memories
That put our hearts at ease
And storms become a breeze
Each breath is filled with these
I dream of her
Who made love stir
And how we were
What most prefer
I dream
A gleam
From stream

As the lover dreams it is up to us to design a name for this form. As this poem progresses, it becomes obvious what is going on. The  lines are growing shorter as the poem comes to its conclusion. The speaker is falling asleep. The last four words could be a bit disturbing. But let's reflect. Could his sleeping dream be better than his waking dream? 

One would be hard pressed to convince me that we cannot live our dream(s). I am not rich nor a world traveler. Those things were not part of my dream. Like the poem suggests, Arlene and I spent our moments exploring our world. There were picnics, boating, dinners, and theaters. There was dancing, outings, walks and playgrounds. There was trying new things. revisiting memories, out with the crowds and dreams set alone. All with kisses ad hugs and endless moments getting lost in those eyes. This was my dream. I have accomplished some things that others might suggest were greater dreams. Greater for who? Sure, I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. But those who believe in balance, like I do, know that for every up there is a down. I lived my dream and through me, others have lived theirs. 

Can we all live our dream? As I have accomplished so much and lived my dream, I can only say yes. The going consensus says, "first you must believe in yourself." Then know what you (not someone else) really wants. What will it take to make you happy, to make you satisfied? Be aware that things will trick you, fool you, try to hold you back. But you are special. There is no one else like you. I believe, this time was set aside for us to use. For us to dream. For us to enjoy. 

Here is a dream song: Diana Krall "Don't Dream It's Over" 

Ever dreamed of complete silence 

Bose Corporation is a privately held corporation, based in Framingham, Massachusetts, that specializes in audio equipment and was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose. Now, according to Ryan O’Quinn, Todd Wilkerson, Matt Reithmayr and Dallas Lawrence, of Dude Day, Bose is coming out with a new speaker. Instead of putting out great sound, it cancels great sound. 
There is only one problem (or four, depending on how you look at it) the boys are comedians. "The Bose Shhhh" 
(The Bose Shhh is NOT available at stores near you.) 

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For, verily, great love springs from 
great knowledge of the beloved object, 
and if you little know it, you will be able 
to love it only little or not at all. 
Leonardo da Vinci


  1. I hope you are right.
    Too many of us are afraid to dream...

    1. Try me, Dream something small and grow from there.
      Thank you and have fun

  2. What wonderful dreams. I think it's wonderful if we can live some of our dreams...

    1. I can tell, by your art, you have wonderful dreams too.
      Thank you for sharing