Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Is This The World to Outside (The Commercial) 
A lover discovers a world 
Computer geeks discover a world 

Is This The World (Shakespearean sonnet) 

When summer’s dreams we shared have turned to white
And all that we once knew now crowned with snow
And cloudy nights remove our star from sight
Is this the world which I have come to know
Soft haze now glaze our windows once so clear
A gentle fire reminds us of the cold
Outside a wind reminds us more is near
Is this the world whose promise was foretold
The flowers once were spring a memory
Return again to warm our endless night
Perhaps again tomorrow we might see
Is this the world which once was my delight
Is this the world or just a dream come true
Is this the world now aged in I love you 

A world realized through a Shakespearean sonnet. Three stanzas of warm memories return as a lover reflects on his world. As the rhyming couplet is reached we discover there is much more. A bit more subtle: All of the "Once" hidden in the quatrains are replaced by "Now" in the last line of the sonnet.

This sonnet sounds like an old couple reflecting on their past. See the picture I have chosen? That, pretty much, was Arlene and I wrapped in a blanket on cold winter nights. (And spring and summer and fall. Okay, it didn't even have to be cold.) If it was night and I heard soft romantic music, I knew a fluffy blanket, two champagne glasses and Arlene were on the way. Arlene and I enjoyed a storybook romance. Arlene enjoyed cuddling and talking about "remember whens". I'm not complaining, except she always seemed beat me to this setting this mood. We laughed. We sighed. We never got tired  of touching, once more, those magic moments within a new special moment. It all started when Arlene and I first moved in together, in our palace in the sky and ended 32 years later, when Arlene became ill. Was this the world? 

I am confident we all have our ways to past delights. Maybe not as obsessive (though immensely enjoyable) as Arlene's. Never forget that we too are lovers. If you like romance novels or love stories on screen, never put aside the greatest love story of them all. And enjoy. 

This calls for a love song: Cilla Black "You're My World" 

There is a world that is being forgotten 

According to the Outdoor Foundation only a shocking 50% of Americans are estimated to regularly engage in outdoor recreation. Whether or not this estimate is accurate it is agreed that electronics is taking more and more of our attention. So much so that James "Jimmy" Tatro, of Life According to Jimmy, has put together a Public Service Commercial. Wait. I'm watching this on an electronic devise. 
Since there doesn't seem any winning, remember laughter is a form of exorcise. "Outside! (The Commercial)" 

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Love isn't something you find. 
Love is something that finds you. 
Loretta Young


  1. I like that song of the late Cilla Black.

    1. I hope it brings a measure of joy as you have brought me
      Thank you

  2. Replies
    1. You got a kick out of Arlene.
      Thank you for dropping by

  3. What a sweet post here today. I love the fun and romance me and my husband share. I never want it to end.

    1. Thank you for spreading your joy.
      May your romance continue to bloom

  4. I love this line so much "Is this the world or just a dream come true," your words have such beauty in them.

    1. Thank you. To know that a chord was struck in you warms my heart

  5. Iambic pentameter is such a classic, and a sonnet is the perfect vehicle for themes of love and nostalgia.

    1. You have a gift for sonnet too. Did you get my 6/5 limerick under your W?
      Thank you. Look forward to more of your poems