Monday, May 9, 2016

Let’s Live to Tickling Is Dangerous 
A couple finds everything they want by living life to the fullest 
A man finds everything they want by tickling 

Let’s Live (English sonnet) 

Let’s laugh with Joy the meaning of our day
Rich scent of beauty which the flowers share
And be the breath within each moment’s flare
Imagination’s fields await our play
Let’s kiss the blessings found in everywhere
And be each minute’s reasoning to stay
A taste of wonder’s eloquent bouquet
A memory that we were truly there
A distant sunset waits to bring on night
And cast its season lasting no return
With songs it formed so very long ago
But here amid the glory of our light
While flames of passion in our hearts still burn
Let’s live a life to be the future’s glow 

Freedom in form in an English sonnet. An invitation (Let's) is expressed in the first two stanzas. It is not in the third stanza, as the message changes. The poem ends with this important invitation. The challenge of using the sonnet form to convey this invitation is there is only a limited number of lines. Hence, words like " flowers" can mean so much more, like: things of nature and beauty, lovers, thing that make us feel good, memories, and such. So we pack a poem about life. 

Life has dealt me a challenging final hand. But I have no grounds for regret. I have done, accomplished, seen, experienced, changed so much. I married my childhood sweetheart. My current wife will not let me be unhappy. I live in San Francisco, California and experienced a period of time that was magical with friends and teachers who opened many doors. I can honestly tell peoples, money is not the only wealth. 

The message, motivation of the sonnet is simple. Live life to the fullest, wherever you are. "Wherever you are" refers to us as individuals and what it takes to make us happy, satisfied. I say "us" because we are bombarded with things, ideas and products others sell us that are supposed to make us happy. Living in San Francisco, California can be distracting or confusing (or thrown away). Like the words in the poem take on different meaning to different individuals, the fullness of life is unique to us. Focus on you and what makes your heart beat. I believe, and have been shown the ultimate goal of humans is happiness. Not only our own happiness, but everything. Yes, everything. The violence of the world is constantly being pushed in our face. It's hard to see how far we, as humans have come. Thus, how important it is that we live our life to the fullest, that we may be the best piece of life's puzzle. How important it is that we enjoy. 

Need some extra Ra-ra: Charles Strouse "Lot of Livin'" 

If that didn't tickle our fancy 

During the 16th century, tickling was used as a form of corporal punishment. Ancient Romans punished their prisoners by tying them up and soaking their feet in salt water, and then letting goats lick it off. And we thought tickling was simply to make us laugh. The folks at BuzzFeed Video have come across a brand new power of tickling. Here is their documentary of a young man who has unlocked a mighty power. 
Before we laugh this away, let's remember the 16th century. (My, we're old!) "Tickling Is Dangerous" 

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There is only one success, 
to be able to spend your life in your own way. 
Christopher Morley


  1. I decided a long time ago that I could have a life or I could have an existence. Life costs more, hurts more and is worth immeasurably more.

    1. But is it worth it! Believe me.
      Martin Kloess, 33rd degree Mason
      Honored by San Francisco
      Thank you for your support

  2. Yes, Flowers can mean different things and this poem can spark you in so many ways! Ok this is now one of my top 10!!!!

    1. I am honored. Your compliments a so warming.
      Thank you for being you

  3. Your poem is especially poignant to me. For I took far too much for granted while I was in good health. I am sorry for being absent so long, my dear friend. At least I am now around 2/3 done with the initial processing and am starting to see a little light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

    1. Good to see you back. Let's see if we can share a little light.
      Thank you for everything

  4. What a moving poem. It is a powerful reminder to make the most of our time, thank you. Interesting about the tickling too...

    1. Not only time. Make the most of "you".
      Thank you for your motivating words