Thursday, May 5, 2016

No Longer There to Diego Goes to Mexico 
A man searches for a past 
A puppet  searches for his father 

No Longer There (poem) 

All around he searches
Streets which now are bare
This poor and lonely fellow
With so much to share
Once people laughed as children cast
Magic in the air
But now an echo answers
They’re no longer there
Those moments wrapped in Joy
Endless were their flare
Neighbors knew their fellows
Helping hand to spare
All life’s richness they were blessed
Passed on him to bear
But thoughts within his mind
Were no longer there
So in his time he left
Tearful was their prayer
And all which he had learned
Heightened life’s affair
But as he grew in wisdom
Soul became aware
And now the Joys he sacrificed
Are no longer there 

Just a poem with a message. Yes, there is only one rhyme sound. But did we notice the beat? The non-rhyming lines have any number of beats. The rhyming lines all have the same rhyme sounds and all have exactly five beats. Why? 

Life is funny. I was a good singer (so people say) until my twenties when I lost my voice. Who would have imagined I would become one of the top orators for the Masons. The job required setting all three degrees to memory, (plus I memorized the funeral ritual). There were men who knew the ritual much better than me. What set me apart was my ability to touch my audience. The key to this ability was listening. Listening to what others had to say. Listening to others lives.

Now, what does this have to do with the poem? When I was working my way up the ranks, most of the members were up there in age. I can't tell how many times I would hear people share with me things from the past. Things that are no longer there. Things that they miss. Things that they would have done more of. Things that they sacrificed. Life is change. Things evolve. Some things disappear and new things appear. For us humans, nothing stays the same. We can recreate a memory, but we cannot go back in time. 

Keeping this in our minds, in our hearts, make the most of now. Don't let opportunities pass us by. That extra kiss. That little extra time. that visit with a family member, a friend, a special place. Don't pass up an opportunity to make a moment better. We can do it. We can feel it. We are all amazing creations. Start from there. Make the richness of now and ever more than the mistakes (notice, I said mistakes) of yesterday. And when we wake to the sunshine, which is us, enjoy.

A memory and a song to go with the poem: The Brothers Four "Greenfields" 

Talk about memories - who's my father 

Did you know that Steve Jobs, the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc., was adopted as an infant and never met his biological father. The same is true about Diego, created by Rudy Mancuso. I mean he doesn't know his father either. He has decides to travel to Mexico, in an attempt to find his father and to let tag along with him. 
Here's a mind boggler: though Diego now lives in Los Angeles, he was conceived in New York. (Plus he's a puppet!) "Diego Goes to Mexico" 

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The power for creating a better future 
is contained in the present moment: 
You create a good future by creating 
a good present. 
Eckhart Tolle


  1. reads like a song, lovely. i've been thinking a lot lately, about time and how it's gone, the beginning of this sentence i can never have again, it's vital you feel it, (try to) enjoy it, you cannot go back...

    1. It's good you feel it. Believe me, one can make memories to take the place of regret.
      Thank you for the warm words.
      Enjoy your adventure

  2. My Grandfather and Dad were Masons too. Great advice you have here. Cherish everything you can now, you cant go back and have a do over.
    Happy Cinco De Mayo!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts.
      I can tell from your writing you're enjoying life.
      Enjoy the fiesta too

  3. The power of memories is one of the reasons I think dementia is such a cruel disease. It takes away so much of the best. But can have some (tiny) positives. Someone I volunteer with talked about going to visit her grandmother. She took her chocolates. In a half hour visit her grannie rediscovered the chocolates several times. And was filled with joy each time.

    1. Believe me, even good memories can be a two edged sword.
      Thank you for giving our fans something more to think about

  4. Your posts have such depth. I think you are very right in the importance of valuing this moment we are in... I enjoyed your poem very much as well.

    1. Thank you so much.
      I have been very blessed in life (By your art) So have you
      Let's spread our sunshine