Friday, May 6, 2016

Purpose For Tears to Social Media Is Ruining Mother's Day 
What is the reason this mother is crying 
Why should some mothers be crying 

Purpose For Tears (English sonnet) 

Oh mother share the purpose for your tears
What touched your heart and causes you to cry
What comfort have I which I may apply
Or will these arms remove your crystal spheres
Sweet mother share with me the reason try
Why all my sunshine fades and disappears
Why every droplet hits my heart like spears
Can kisses renew sparkle to my sky
Without a word she stares beyond unknown
I hold her tight still wondering what’s wrong
Perhaps in silence she may find some rest
And there within a dream which lovers own
She turns to me her voice a gentle song
I cry because I’m happy I’m so blessed 

A toying with emotions English sonnet. Once again we are dealt a mystery. We have a lady, we assume she is a mother, crying. We have speaker, trying to find out why she is crying and how he might comfort her. It is through him our picture is drawn. With the sonnet's very last line the mystery is solved. 

My mother passed away some time ago. She was a remarkable person. I never loved her, but I respected her. She grew up and was a product of Nazi Germany. Her first husband, who brought her to America was abusive. She found the courage and strength to break away from him. With her second husband, Ted, she was granted a world of freedom. Try to imagine a woman, in her 30's, living in San Francisco, trying to deal with freedom, a Nazi trying to deal with diversity, her oldest son marrying a non-white. Ted loved her very much and even bought her a house. Ted was beat up on the stairs of their house by a group of bar ruffians and died from his injuries. The house burned down in a Christmas fire. She met a car motor expert, Don, who became her caring partner, until her death. Don was a bit wild, as were his cars. With Don, my mother realize that person who was just starting to come out with Ted. The stories I could tell. My mother ended up in Las Vegas, not for the gambling, but for the unreal entertainment. Las Vegas is as unreal as the life my mother lived.

I wont go into why I never loved my mother here, Mother's Day being just around the corner. I did respect her, as every son should respect his mother. I was always there for her, whenever she needed my help. I made her very proud of me, and she would follow my exploits and boast to her friends and neighbors, "That's my son, Martin." I pray your relationship with your mother was not as strange as mine. Regardless, let us all take a moment to reflect on one special person, not only on her special day, but always. And enjoy. 

How about this for a Mother's Day song: Spice Girls "Mama"  

Nope - We're not finished with Mother's Day yet  

The modern holiday of Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Now, the researchers at Cracked have discovered a threat to this noble celebration. now observed by 46 other countries. It seems that our love with the social media may change Mother's Day into one more victim of technology. 
How many of us have texted mom about Mother's day? See, it's starting! "How Social Media Is Ruining Mother's Day" 

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Happy Mother's Day 

My mother is a walking miracle. 
Leonardo DiCaprio


  1. Seems a very interesting life your mother had.
    As long as she treated you well.

    1. My mother had a Stingray that ran on both gasoline and alcohol fuel.
      Thank you for stopping by
      Have a happy Mother's Day

  2. We never celebrated Mothers' Day because my parents said that one day did not make up for a year of neglect.
    My relationship with my mama was complicated. I admired her (so much). I despised the woman she became. To equal levels.
    And I am still grateful for the things she gave me.
    To all mothers everywhere: Happy Mother's Day, and happy mothering day.

    1. Sounds like we can amaze each other with our mothers.
      As with so many times before, thank you for adding to this edition