Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sat There Softly to Head in the Clouds 
Lovers under the clouds find what they were searching for 
A couple under the clouds find more than what they were searching for 

Sat There Softly (Italian sonnet) 

He sat there softly gazing at the sky
With dreams of something passing through his head
For some tomorrow answers will be shed
But here and now just empty clouds float by
She sat there softly pondering the ground
As wishes weaved sweet songs amid her heart
Perhaps tomorrow fantasies will start
But until then her Joy with flowers found
They sat there softly drifting mid their love
Here life unleashes wonder on their soul
And in tomorrow will they still be whole
But warm embraces now they’re thinking of
Now empty is the place where lovers sat
For time and change have taken them away
It is tomorrow where these two now play
But yesterdays no place as soft as that 

Toying with the mind, is an Italian sonnet. This love sonnet gives a mind a lot to drift upon. First we have a boy drifting with the clouds. Then we have girl floating with the flowers. Then we have couple somewhere in the middle. Then they are gone. Here is where the reader's imagination joins the sonnet. The only clue we are given is the word "soft", at the end. Were these two together all along? Did they finally meet? What is meant by "sat there softly"? Does this sonnet refer to some afterlife? Love is magic. Have fun trying to figure it out. (Or just taking it in.) 

A little more down to earth than the poem. Arlene and I dated for almost five years before moving in together. It's funny, during that whole time, I never picked up on how unalike we were. How important dancing was to her, and I couldn't dance at all, should have given me some clue. I guess we were just too madly in love. When we were faced with running a household our differences and shortcomings gave us a bitter taste of reality (as a couple). 

Or love (and a fairytale palace in the sky) got Arlene and I through it. It turned out, we were very different, but we shared a common childhood and a magical teenage love. Arlene saw that if we learned to work with, enjoy our differences we might be so much more. The cards were stacked against Arlene and I. It was often predicted that we wouldn't last. I have often said that when it comes to individuals 1 + 1 = so much more. So it came to be with Arlene and me. We became Arlene and Martin as opposed to the Kloesses. 

Arlene and I, though great lovers, were souls apart. Though I believe, there were moments we met, touched and danced as one, before we parted. Perhaps to feel that good once more is what helped keep us together. Maybe it was just meant to be. Love is magic. And as we take it in or try to figure it out, enjoy. 

Some music for the mood: Manuel Franjo "Tiempo" 

What have you dreamed in the clouds 

It takes somewhere between a few minutes and an hour for clouds to be created. Sometimes clouds appear to take shapes. Have you ever looked up at clouds and used your imagination to make shapes in the clouds? The cast of Studio C have gone one step further. We have two lovers letting their fancies drift in the clouds. 
Lesson here: A person's imagination can be dangerous. "Head in the Clouds" 

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Your task is not to seek for love, 
but merely to seek and find all the barriers 
within yourself that you have built against it. 


  1. As the saying goes, "Opposites attract".

    1. Thank you for that.
      Carry on your blessed day

  2. I think love is indeed magic and there is magic in your beautiful poems!

    1. Thank you
      There is real warmth in your words

  3. I hope I never become so old and/or jaded that I stop looking at the clouds, marvelling at the clouds, drifting with them...
    And my partner and I are very different. Which works for us.
    Think of it like jig-saw puzzles. Each piece is different but they fit together to create something bigger. And perhaps better.

    1. May we never grow too old to drift.
      Your puzzle analogy is well put.
      Thank for the spice you bring

  4. Love the poem! My hubby and I are opposites, he loves to dance and I do not. I am a morning person and he is a late night person. I could go on and on. I guess it is true opposites attract. Thanks for sharing! Have a happy weekend ahead!

    1. Simply precious addition to this theme.
      May joy find you around every corner.
      Thank you for sharing

  5. It's well known as you found out that you never really know someone until you live with them.
    Nice poem.

    1. Excellent addition to this edition.
      Thank you for rounding things off with this insight