Friday, May 13, 2016

Sing Once More to The Knife Guys Return 
Confusion hits the heart of a lover 
Confusion hits the stage of a late night TV show 

Sing Once More (free form poem) 

Daughter of beauty sing once more for me
Sing of the rays of hope mornings will bring
Jewel covered blossom promising more
Luster of sunshine’s kiss welcomes a dream
Dance of enchantment sing once more for me
Grant me a flavor to fill out my day
Scent every purpose which my heart breaths in
Lavishing meaning in each moment’s grace
Confusions which wander darkness of life
Testing their skills against the hands of time
Waiting a weakness to fill with their lies
Their happiness lies in death of a song
Evening has found me again at a shore
Tattered in fashions I don’t really know
Turning to the arms of person I love
All that I live for sing once more for me 

Is this really a free from poem? Some may suggest that this is a Modern Italian Sonnet. The poem doesn't rhyme. Ii falls (somewhat) into both forms. The problem lies in the repetition of the words "...sing once more for me." These words are the essence of the lover's message. The words are taken away as confusion  hits in the conflict stanza (the third stanza). The words return at the end of the poem. A happy ending. Happy except, is this really a free from poem? 

One of the things, or behaviors that allowed the luxury of being so different was my need to be among the best. I was always a bit "out there". Imagine going to a Chevron headquarters business meeting and in walks this guy with colored hair and one long dangling ear ring. On casual Fridays, I wore plain T-shirts and a tie. But I earned the reputation of being the "best". The price of being up there was stress. My stress was so severe that my hands broke out in rashes that would crack and bleed. (Lotions proved ineffective.) 

Here's where Arlene comes into the picture. In college, I was a fencer. A saber man. It is a painful sport. My instructor taught me to have my girlfriend kiss my wounds. The kisses would make the pain well worth it. He was right! And as Arlene helped ease this saber man's pain, she made all my stress worth it. And when the cause of the stress was gone (and I performed exemplary), boy did it feel good. Add Arlene and I was euphoric. 

Okay, this example was a bit from the extreme side. Arlene was my reason for the day. And now, as I face my final challenge, Amor is. I'm certain many of us can relate to this poem. Someone who "makes life worth living." Something that comes up to threaten our happiness. Then, like a storybook, "our reason for the day" wins out. Yes, the "reason for the day" is not limited to a lover. Our life is a wonderful story. One for us to listen. Listen and enjoy. 

Some romantic music: Grassskirt "Pleasant Dream" 

If we think that cut a little close to real life, then... 

I bet you didn't know comedian Will Ferrell raises money for charity, including his Scholarships for Cancer Survivors campaign through Crowdrise. Even wilder, it is rumored that Will runs a late night knife company called The Knife Guys. The company sells knives at bargain prices. (Or so the rumor goes.) But who can believe the antics of Will Ferrell? 
If you want more information about The Knife Guys, send all inquiries to 123 Just Kidding Way. "The Knife Guys Return! (featuring Will Ferrell & Ryan Gosling)" 

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Love will find a way through paths 
where wolves fear to prey. 
Lord Byron


  1. To have one as such is this is a gift to treasure, no wonder you write poetry *grin*

    1. Thank you and don't forget I have great fans, like yourself

  2. An even bigger challenge is to BE a reason for living. For ourselves as much as for others...
    Love the healing kisses analogy. It also made me think of 'mother's spit' which heals a lot of things too.

    1. You are SO right! I was fortunate to have Chevron and the Masons behind me in mt charity/volunteer efforts.
      Thank you for the encouragement

  3. This is such a beautiful poem. I really like the line ...Grant me a flavor to fill out my day... .. the music video was so soothing, too. :)

    1. I am so grateful that this stuck a chord in you.
      Thank you for your kind words

  4. Wonderful poem. How cool that you were a saber man! You have a very active and interesting life. Love the bits with Arlene.

    1. I did have s pretty interesting life.
      Thank you for sharing bits of your life on your blog.
      I will try to add more about Arlene