Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Cloud to Deadpool Pranks Spider-Man 
A cloud gathers a man's mistakes 
The street gathers Deadpool's mistake 

The Cloud (English sonnet) 

He wanders through the cost of his mistake
The mist with which tomorrow is endowed
The veils of reasons to his present shroud
A path the stars in heaven do forsake
His hopelessness is captured in a cloud
Which steals the tears a broken soul may make
Each one a promise never meant to break
A promise meets the fields of disavowed
They gathered there to share is his regret
The answer to his sorrow and his pain
They talked of times they never will forget
But why he left this no one could explain
And as they said goodbye and sun did set
A lonely cloud released its telling rain 

A fantasy, a legacy, a parable, an English sonnet. A man appears in the quatrain. He seems to be burdened with problems. The man disappears as the couplets appear. The man is replaced with people who knew him. As they discuss the man a cloud releases his tear (or the reason for his tears). 

This sonnet may sound familiar to some of us. It is a familiar tale throughout history. Allow me to share the tale of Ken. When I was a youth soccer coach for San Francisco Vikings Soccer we coaches had to go to monthly meetings during the soccer season. One of the people in charge was named Ken. Ken was a nice enough person. I'll go so far as to say, he was the nicest person in the Viking's governing board. But at each meeting he would rant and rave. Ken's favorite words were, "You people just don't get it." He was right. We could see, we couldn't understand the reasons of his rants. Ken died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Many of us went to his funeral. At the reception we shared fond memories of Ken. Strange as it may sound, Ken's rantings became clear as we were talking about him. The league was dying and Ken wanted us to open our eyes. No, it wasn't raining that day. San Francisco Youth Soccer is doing fine today. It boasts over 8,000 players in 2015 and is expecting more for the upcoming season.

Whether it's making someone smile at dinner or saving a city's youth soccer program, we all have within us a desire to contribute. A desire to be more. A desire to be a valuable part of it all. It's there. It's calling. It may be one grand goal. It may be many goals. It could be a combination, small and large. Go with your dreams. Live your dreams. Know that they will come to pass, someday. You are that important, in the nature of things. Believe it. Know it and enjoy.

To go with all of this: Dansonn Beats "Leaving the Past" 

Lest we get too sublime... 

A prank is a a practical joke played on someone. Want to learn more? An American humorist, H. Allen Smith, wrote a 320 page book in 1953 called "The Compleat Practical Joker". Deadpool has decided to get in on the prankster act. His victim is Spidey. The boys at Nukazooka hve caught the entire prank on video, 
With great power comes great prankability, but not necessarily the brains. "Deadpool Pranks Spider-Man" 

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Persis Khambatta


  1. Amazing how often the sky gives us a message at funerals (and life).
    I can remember watching the hearse drive into a rainbow. Which was comforting.
    And, at another funeral, standing in the cemetery as it snowed on us. All of us agreed that Claire would have liked that, and was laughing...

    1. Amazing recounts!
      Thank you so much for making these available for others to reflect

  2. Amazing how clearly many people see things when someone has flown to heaven. To finally understand - he had to die unfortunately.
    Poem is nice.

    1. When a person dies, it seems tat things becomes surreal.
      Thank you for being part of this edition