Monday, May 2, 2016

The Dream Castle to Fruit Ninja In Real Life 
The story of a prince his dream castle 
The tale of warriors who risk their lives 

The Dream Castle (Shakespearean sonnet) 

In his dream castle taking in the view
A noble prince sat with so much to share
And all the world was waiting for him there
There was no lack of things for him to do
The townsfolk waited for someone to care
Perhaps a bridge to mend or build anew
Some dream that only he can make come true
To be the Joy for someone in despair
In his dream castle plans so grand were made
From his dream castle visions did parade
With his dream castle others he’d persuade
To his dream castle the prince had made the grade
Yet all of this was destined to defeat
The prince grew old and never left his seat 

A Shakespearean sonnet with some problems. Let's put aside this Shakespearean sonnet has nothing to do with love. The normal rhyme scheme for this type of sonnet is: ABAB - CDCD - EFEF - GG. The rhyme scheme used here is: ABBA - BAAB - CCCC - DD. Then there is the play on words "dream castle" (which dominates the third stanza). What happened? We have a prince who never left his throne. (Never used his power.) 

In 1991, I joined the Masonic fraternity. My egotism aside, I don't consider myself a special person. I'm certainly not financially well off. As a mason I have come in direct contact with some wealthy people. This sonnet was inspired by those few who earned their fortunes, their businesses from their fathers. Of these, there were a few men who have done little, but live off the wealth another has built for them. Now, I'm not holding this against them. Coming in contact them got me thinking. These were not bad individuals. What is holding them from realizing their full potential? 
There are any number of things that hold an individual back. I do not consider myself qualified to prescribe an answer, I do know that there are any number of reasons individuals stop short. A popular culprit many tout up is "fear". I'm from the school that believes the reasons may be more varied. 
I have accomplished a lot in my life. My single biggest accomplishment, I believe, is showing others "we can". Some see me work my magic and think that I am special. When they uncover the truth of it, they realize, in many ways, I'm a lot like them. There is something in all of us that makes us special. The gifts of nature are infinite. Who fully knows how many of those gifts we as individuals are blessed? I am confident of this: That we, as individuals can. We can complain or we can be an instrument of change. We can. We can sit and watch TV or be the one others watch. We can. Knowing this, what is the next thing we are going to change, create  or help, be it planting a seed or organizing our neighbors to bring about a change? Knowing and confident that we are all special, let us look out of the window of our dream castle at our accomplishments and enjoy.

Princes and dream castles: Eugene Ormandy "Scheherazade" 

There are heroes and there are hero sandwiches 

Paddy melon, coyote melon, European spindle, linden, manchineel, osage-orange, privet, silverbell, snowberry, soapberry, suicide tree fruit, thorn apple and wahoo is a list of just some of the fruits that can kill us. Into this dangerous world comes the fruit ninjas. What are fruit ninjas you are probably wondering. Well, shudder at the thought as two frightening warriors meet to do battle. 
Make sure the children are safe in bed. "FRUIT NINJA IN REAL LIFE : PART II" 
(No deadly fruit was used in the making of this video. That would be too dangerous.) 

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If you can dream it, you can do it. 
Walt Disney


  1. I believe this life is all we have. Because of this belief I also think it is up to us as individuals to make the very best of it. A work in progress.

    1. Eternal life or not, you are still quite right.
      Thank you and keep up the good work

  2. Your words often give me such important pushes and reminders. The poem is wonderful, as is the message...

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment.

  3. Replies
    1. Best held in a tale than to bear it in real life.
      Thank you and bless you