Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Friends to Up & Up (Coldplay) 
A girl wakes up from an illusion 
Coldplay uses illusion to wake up the possibilities of imagination 

The Friends (story/poem) 

A tale of a charming lost lady
Whose life wasn’t all it could be
Who now spends her night in her darkness
In drinking a past memory
Reflecting on far away voices
Come to me come to me come to me
Her life wasn’t always so pointless
Her blessings were songs her friends sought
New fashions adventure love stories
All these were the gifts that she brought
Confusion delusion illusion
These things ruled the night when they fought
She calls them but no one will answer
As she drifts through her misery
She thought that her friends were much closer
Her tears wondered how this could be
Then once more a whisper was calling
Come to me come to me come to me
By mirror she kept precious picture
Her friends from time long before
Our hands will be comfort in sorrow
Was bond to each other they swore
Her cries filled the bleak ever after
As picture crashed down on the floor
In time all her friends came to see her
And offer forgiveness’s plea
But they found her abode now empty
And wondered what they couldn’t see
There within a picture was a face
Come to me come to me come to me 

A story, a mystery, an awakening combine to bring us this poem. This poem uses a loose form of rhyming as it conveys a message. This was done on purpose. The poem uses an echo verse, "Come to me come to me come to me." As the poem progresses this line takes on different meaning and a different source. 

I have been blessed with many good friends, including a doppelganger (a person who looked just like me) who I met in the 8th grade. I come from a time when "good friends" were for life. Those where the words and that was the message engraved in my being. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's today's reality. I don't see the good friends anymore. Except the doppelganger, Mike, and even he has change (direction). We no longer look alike. 

I went through at least 5 drastic changes in my life. Most of my close friends vanished with the times. The most notable was my drug days. When I completely stopped using drugs, I lost all my druggy friends. My friends changed as I moved up at work, as my interests changed, as our lives changed. Throw into the mix, I was a bit different. (Okay, completely unreal was more me.)

I thought I was a pretty good friend. I tried to make myself available whenever friends needed help. Often times, Arlene had to step in. She felt people where taking advantage of me or simply wanted my attention. Then there were the shear numbers. But looking back, all of my successes was due to my friends: Getting me involved and supporting me. I may have lost a lot of friends, but the shear numbers... 

Whether one, a few or many, friends are a blessing of life. It is my opinion that we do not allow anyone or anything to define or limit our friendship(s). They are our friends. The bonds that brought and hold you together with your friend(s) are personal and unique. And each friendship is bound by its own special connections. Friendships are, let's face it, one of the myriad expressions of love. So while we have this time, let's take the friendship(s) we have and enjoy. 

To go with the poem, I've selected: Giovanni Marradi "Garden of Dreams" 

Even if you're not a Coldplay fan - You gotta view this video

Coldplay is a British rock band formed in 1996 by lead vocalist and pianist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland. They have won numerous music awards and to date have sold over 80 million records. Coldplay's latest album is "A Head Full of Dreams". With the help of video directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, the band has just released a video version of "Up & Up". The new video has exploded interest in the song and the album. 
You are about to find out why. "Coldplay - Up&Up (Official video)" 

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Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, 
those are life-altering lessons. 
Jessica Lange


  1. Having recently lost a long-term friendship (I stepped away) this hit home tonight.

  2. Long time friends can definitely be a precious thing. Thank you for this beautifully written reminder...

    1. Those who have a long time friendship have a treasure. (I think)
      Thank you once again for your kindness