Wednesday, May 4, 2016

There Was A Love to Trick Shot 
Some people aim at a love of a dream 
Some people aim at the impossible trick shot 

There Was A Love (English sonnet) 

There was a love which set the world aglow
Each moment blossomed splendors of delight
Each heartbeat precious treasures would ignite
The scent of life was gift it would bestow
There was a love whose meaning knew no height
The sense of beauty seasoned in its flow
The dreams of golden sunsets long ago
This source of passion’s hope and endless light
Another page within a storybook
Another fancy made to flame desire
Imaginations others oft sigh of
Perhaps a special trickle in love’s brook
A memory of moments set on fire
Each morning’s kiss will show there was a love 

Only a dream in this English sonnet. There is one lesson in the "conflict" stanza (the first triplet). In the sonnet the speaker is describing a pretty unbelievable love. In the "conflict" stanza the lover is questioning his grasp of reality. Although he is wondering his own reality, he doesn't want wake up. Thus we have a subtle display of a conflict. Another point to keep us wondering about this dreamy love affair. Notice that the sonnet ends with a wake up kiss. 

Imagine a young lad moving in with the girl of his dream in a palace in the sky. What a love affair we had. It was unbelievable. The endless moments, like our palace in the sky. They all came to a peak when Arlene and I ran the entertainment at the Lodge. These were no small affairs. After two months we would entertain 200 and more guests. Our BIG parties were only the beginning. Arlene and I were invited to many other parties. It was not unusual for us to go out three to four times a week. It was that time I often mention. That time Arlene and I returned to our 20's. Between all the new dresses, the visits to the salons and all the attention, Arlene was a princess. This was the person I woke up to. This was my dance partner. This was the one by my side. Was it all a young lad's imagination? 

Was I famous entertainer? No. Was I a successful businessman? No. Did I become wealthy? No. But I was blessed to live a dream. It is hard (if not impossible) to convince me that there is no such thing as magic, things that cannot be explained. (It was just the environment I swam in.) Can everyone live their dream? I don't honestly know. I do know this: there were others who touched our world and were changed. Something they saw or experienced had sparked something sleeping. In short, people can change. Can everyone live their dream? I don't know, but it might be fun trying. And while we are trying, remember this... Enjoy. 

How about a love song: saxophone cover "Unchained Melody" 

From a heart to a bull's-eye 

One of the best trick shot artist of all time was Howard Hill, an archer, who was unofficially referred to as the "World's Greatest Archer". Howard was inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in 1971 for his skill in archery. Corridor Digital must have heard about Howard Hill, because they got their boys together to show off some of their skills. With some pretty amazing weapons from Battleborn, I might add. 
If I didn't mention it, the boys biggest target is our funny bone. "Battleborn Trick Shots" 

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Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, 
life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. 
Langston Hughes


  1. Daring to live a dream is truly inspirational.

    1. It can be done, as we know
      Thank you for your sunshine

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much
      Glad that you enjoyed
      Payback for your lovely images

  3. If we didn't have dreams, we wouldnt have anything to chase. Some dreams are out of reach if you don't stretch yourself far enough.

    1. Perhaps I was just lucky. No dream is out of reach. (It may have to be modified, though.)
      Thank you and have fun proving me right