Saturday, May 14, 2016

Whispered Wishes to Spider-man 2 - Pizza Time 
Whispered wishes race through a lover's heart 
Spider-man races to deliver pizzas on time 

Whispered Wishes (lyrical poem) 

Whispered wishes in the wind
Monuments of tender times
Soft smooth music lovers’ rhymes
Waiting somewhere to return
Drifting dawn of damsels’ dreams
Beauty guiding Joy’s delight
Every hope a heart holds tight
Echoing its silken strains
I’m coming races heartbeats
I’m coming casts a kiss
Wait there another moment
Wait there to see once more
Fancies flowing undefined
Limitless commands the mind
Here forever soul resigned
Embers’ memories entwined
I’m coming rainbows’ promise
I’m coming rains desire
Wait there a precious lifetime
Wait there a treasure dear
Still as starlight soothes the skies
Whispered wishes linger on
In scene which lovers had drawn
Waiting always to return 

A lyrical poem that cast rhyming to the wind. This lyrical poem has four verses and two choruses. Note the first two verses use light rhyme patters and the choruses don't rhyme at all. The third verse depends very heavily on rhymes and the last verse returns to the origin light rhyme pattern, There is a reason for this. Being a lyrical poem, we have kept the beats very tight. 

Drift with me. I know we have all been there. A moonlit night. A quiet romantic dinner for two. A park bench set aside from the rest of the world. Caught in a moment with that someone special. Countless are the scenes. We gaze into those eyes. Something takes us over. We try to figure "it" out and "it"is gone. Or maybe we're thinking of that someone. ...a special moment. A something comes upon us. We focus on "it" and "it" is no loner there. 

I know we have all been there. "It" is more than a feeling. "It" floats just beyond any attempt to define, confine, limit "it". There is only one way to take "it" in. Acceptance. Such is the realm of love. Perhaps I'm a bit out there. I believe love is an example that there is something more to life.I will listen as someone tries to explain it to me. But we will drift in our lovers, unquestionably taking in the experience, this gift and enjoy. 

Are we ready for this: Blank & Jones "Days Go By" 

Pizza anyone 

The first known pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria, opened in Naples, Italy, in 1738.  Peter Parker, Spider-man, Spidey, has had many different professions. There is major controversy about these jobs. Everybody enjoys a bit of controversy.  Clipocalypse has upped the ante on the Peter Parker job controversy. They say they have actual film footage of Spidey at this job. 
That certainly looks like Peter Parker. "Spider-man 2 - Pizza Time !" 

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Love is an endless mystery, 
for it has nothing else to explain it. 
Rabindranath Tagore


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    1. Thank you. Looking forward for more of your lovely scenery

  2. Acceptance. Like so much, harder than it sounds, but worth it.

  3. You are such a wonderful poet. These words "Drifting dawn of damsels’ dreams" speak so beautifully...

    1. Thank you for brighten my world with your warm words