Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A River Flows to Death By Pizza 
The secret flowing in a river 
The secret exposed by baking a good pizza 

A River Flows (English sonnet) 

Within a hidden garden river flows
Sweet flowers hide its secrets from the sun
Forever bears the tale that there was spun
As sadness brings a melody to close
She’s there beside her weeping so undone
She’s there aside the pain of sorrow’s throws
And why he left her only ever knows
A bitter game was played which no one won
But river flowed its destiny resigned
Within a dream of hope its course did stray
It left its birth and hiding place behind
To put refreshing glory on display
Until a seed of promise it did find
Which grew to love her on another day 

Two stories make up this one English sonnet. We start within a garden through which a river flows. In this garden was a crying maiden, for she had just broken up with her love. Then the sonnet turns its attention on the river. For as we are soon to suspect, this was no ordinary river. All of this in 14 lines. 

Let me share the life of my friend Valerie. Valerie married my friend Mike when she was 20. She was a model, dancer and singer. We became friends in junior high school. When Valerie and Mike got married, everything was rosy. They even had two children. Then she began visiting me, confiding she and Mike were having problems. Their problems led to a divorce. Valerie was broken hearted for herself and for her children. To help Valerie take her mind off of her problems, I asked her to be the singer on some music I wrote and was producing. My creation didn't do much for me. But Valerie, she was asked to go to Japan to be a singer and dancer. (It seems, at the time, American singers were in big demand over there.) When she came back to the States she was a back-up singer and dancer for many headliners in Las Vegas. When she came back to San Francisco. she landed a job as choreographer at San Francisco's big hit "Beach Blanket Babylon". Valerie never became a big star. She did earn enough money to pay for her parent's house, to pay and send her children to the colleges of their choice and to live a life of her dreams. Unlike the poem, she, as of yet, has not found another lover. The river of life can be strange. Would Valerie be as happy if she had stayed with Mike? 

We are all sailors on the river of life. And life can be so unpredictable. If life is unfolding for you as you have planed, consider that in itself a wonder. Life is an adventure. Now here is a riddle. People, as a whole, are uncomfortable with change, yet we like adventures. From birth, we are constantly learning and changing. We are learning because of changes, during changes, in preparation of changes. Evolution has made wonders of us. We as a species have proven, we can survive change. We can create change. One major thing that keeps us so successful is, I believe, life always has a new gift around each "river's bend". As proof that you are a good sailor: you made it this far. Sail on to the glories that are waiting for you and enjoy. 

Now let's go on a musical adventure: Musicshake "A Sad Pathway" 

From the richness of life to a no budget movie 

Probably the most successful low budget film was George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead". Made in 1968 on a $114,000 budget, it has grossed $12 million domestically and $18 million internationally. Moving from the low budget to the no budget, we have Josh Mullen. Josh was fired for using company resources to make his films. In this episode Jack Maxim, Josh's character, has to learn how to cook in order to bust up a mafia ring. 
Can Jack do it before the company that he was fired from finds out he is back in the building? "DEATH BY PIZZA (Fatal Decision)" 

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Life is not a problem to be solved, 
but a reality to be experienced. 
Soren Kierkegaard


  1. Would Valarie been happy if she had stayed with Mike!
    Probably not, we will never know that answer.

    1. Excellent answer.
      I hope life is treating you well.
      Thank you

  2. I like that Valerie didn't dwell in the past, but gave herself (and her family) a chance at a different kind of happiness. Which is class in my eyes.

    1. This is the same Valerie who taught me about women and beauty.
      Thank you again for dropping in

  3. The headline to this is indeed attention-grabbing.

    1. Nice to see you. Hope all is well.
      Thank you for your input

  4. Oh that river of life sure is something! Great post!

    1. Tell me about it.
      Thank you for te compliment