Thursday, June 30, 2016

Because to Reckoning - Toddler Phone Kidnapping 
A love affair lost to something greater 
A cell phone lost to someone greater 

Because (repeating poem) 

Her happiness my only goal
She was my life she was my soul
Yet in the end I let her go
It was because I loved her so
A touch of heaven by my side
With our tomorrows open wide
But in the end all this must go
It was because I loved her so
I loved her so the stars would shine
And with each kiss a dream would dine
With every breath I loved her so
Yet in the end that too would go
I loved her so each memory
Became special part of me
Reminding me I loved her so
In case I had to let her go
It doesn’t really matter why
No teardrop reasons why we die
But when the moon has lost its glow
Perhaps it’s best that we should go
Now we still meet each now and then
And pass along remember when
But when it’s time for us to go
It was because I love her so 

With each ending comes the cruel beauty of this poem. In each stanza there are two sets of rhymes. A rhyme of what is, followed by a rhyme of what must be. Notice that the rhyme remains similar while the other rhyme is freer. Also notice how we kept the meter tight. This was done to simulate the ticking of time. 

This poem was written in memory of my friend Steve and his love Marie. I met Steve at work. Other than being a nice guy, there was nothing special about him. Nothing special, until one saw him with his love Marie. Here was a remarkable pair. Even a blind man could feel this couple, when together. By their own admission, their love for each other brought them a lot of free dinners, from couples who enjoyed their company. Arlene and I were one of them. In fact, we lived a few blocks from these love birds' nest. There was something "more" in seeing these two together. They were an inspiration. One evening Steve comes over to my house alone. He wanted to go for a walk and talk to me. He confided that because of various reasons he felt he was holding Marie back from her dream. Marie was studying to be a nurse. We discussed the memories and all the good things he brought to the relationship. On the next day Steve didn't show up at work. That night Marie called to find out if I knew where Steve was. I told her that I didn't know. The last words Marie said were, " Then it's true, then." 

I did take some poetic liberties with ending of the poem. I never saw or heard from Steve after that walk. I did bump into Marie, when I was doing my hospital visitations. She became a Chief Nursing Officer. 

In truth, I am not exactly sure what happened with Steve and Marie. I like to believe they had discovered a level of love. You should have seen these two. They were really in love. Steve knew how important he was to Marie and how special the two were. Yet, he clearly saw how their relationship was keeping Marie from her dream. Marie became not only a nurse, but a Chief Nursing Officer. As I mentioned, there was nothing special about Steve. As it turned out, he was an extraordinary lover. He had the foresight, the power, the strength, the love to put his desire's dream before his wants. What an individual. So it is with all of us. What makes us special may not stand out, but it is there. We are all special. We are all a book, waiting to be written. And as we turn the page to the next chapter, enjoy. 

A love song for the poem: Platine Radio "Goodbye My Love Goodbye" 

What could be worse then one's cell phone coming up missing 

It is estimated that more than 90% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach all the time. This may explain why La Guardia Cross is so anxious to get his cell phone back. What a minute. What happened to La Guardia's phone? Did he lose it? Oh, it's much better than that. 
Spoiler Alert - His 1 year old daughter, Amalah, is the costar of this video. "Reckoning - Toddler Phone Kidnapping 2" 

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  1. I really, really hope Steve found happiness and a new life. I don't really understand his sacrifice - but I don't have to. A truly generous gesture.

    1. I believe it was his special gift. It is all a memory now. But Steve was a truly great lover.
      Thank you