Sunday, June 26, 2016

Beside A River to The Confession 
What is the secret of the river 
What is the secret a husband doesn't want a priest to hear 

Beside A River (Italian sonnet) 

Beside a river came a lonely man
His days of youth had left him long ago
Yet in his eyes remained a treasured glow
A memory of how it all began
And there amid hidden place of day
Where no one but the sun disturbed his peace
As cares for all about him would decease
Again the river put on Joyous play
Its waves entwined to form a gentle dance
Its crystal clear devotion drew a song
A kiss caressed the mists it would prolong
A dream perhaps an echo of romance
So on it flowed mid fantasies sublime
As every stroke new beauty promised more
Which took an old man’s heart to shores before
With her there truly was this lavish time 

A story flows in this Italian sonnet. A simple story poem. The full mystery of the river is held back until the very last line. This sonnet is packed with metaphors for life. The river itself is a metaphor for life. 

Arlene had died. I got over the emotional unrest. Instead of grieving my loss, I made the decision to celebrate a time well spent. Instead of a river, I have the city of San Francisco, where Arlene and I made so many wonderful memories. Our special tree, by Stow Lake? I haven't gone back to our special spot. Instead, the tree and the moments made there grows in my heart and memory. And grows... So much of what Arlene did continues to grow. The most impressive was our son's and daughter's elementary school. The principal and some representatives of the PTA came to Arlene's funeral to thank her for her work to help bring the school up to the standards it continues to enjoy. And so a sun sets. But the morning sets its glow on a beautiful city. A city that is brighter because she is here. And I am brighter because she is here. Thank you Arlene. 

As the river flows on to meet the sea, it is up to us to add our own special flavor, our own special reflection. our own special hint of something more. Whether a presidency or planting a tiny seed, nothing is too  small. It is only a man made value system that makes one thing seem more important than another. I believe, nature has its own value system where all is important. There is something you can do to make things better.What is it? I believe our gift(s) tries  to make itself known to us. And when our sun sets, the dawns will sparkle at a time well spent. Until then, enjoy. 

On this theme: Secret Garden "Children of the River" 

Now that one problem is solved let's have another one 

As we enter a new era, a new problem is challenging couples. According to studies done by Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, vying for the top spot of challenging couples is: whether they are in the right relationship, and if their values align enough to move forward happily and healthily. The Ska family have a slightly bigger problem than this. So big that the wife decided to call in a priest. One additional problem is that she forgot to tell her husband about the priest. 
This leaves us with a challenge. Try not to laugh too much. "The Confession 3" 

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Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, 
and freighted with the memories 
and the dreams of Time. 
H. P. Lovecraft


  1. Beautiful poem.
    That was lovely the principal and some PTA people went to the funeral.
    A day to say thanks, remember all the good things that she did for you and others. So it's good to remember back to those days.

    1. That was indeed impressive. Just shows the heights Arlene brought to that school.
      Thank you for your thoughts

  2. Arleen's death must have stopped that river for a while. It is a tribute to the relationship that you shared that you could (and did) let it flow again.

    1. A great insight you have.
      There were things to complete.
      Thank you