Saturday, June 11, 2016

Forever’s Sacred Song to Slow Jam with President Obama 
Lovers write their legacy in the stars 
A president writes is legacy to jazz 

Forever’s Sacred Song (English sonnet) 

Twas here they bared forever’s sacred song
While waves bore witness to eternal sea
Awaking sands of all that’s yet to be
Their paradise where nothing can go wrong
Two lovers which went wading with the tide
Which rush upon the edge of passion’s shore
With promises of wonders to explore
One kiss and brush the world you knew aside
The tides of time drift still upon their heart
Which gaze forever at its new claimed star
Two lovers which were destined not to part
Made certain their devotion would not scar
Each night that calls for kissing to restart
Just gaze into the stars and there they are 

Who are these lovers whose song is echoed in this English sonnet? Notice that I use the word "which" when the word "that" would be more appropriate. The word "which" has a softer sound. From the beginning of this sonnet we are set to wonder who the are these lovers in this sonnet. One clue after another as we think we are closer. Then in the end, we are told they are in the stars. So are they a memory? Clue: Have you ever gazed into your lover's eyes? 

I go on about two things: How funny life is and how important dancing was to Arlene. Disco was just becoming popular when I finally learned to dance. We had many dances when Arlene and I took over the Lodge's parties. Arlene and I were not championship dancers, but every now and again other couples gave us the dance floor and watched two lovers. (These were always slow songs and most of the people knew us.) With the Masons, Arlene and I where taking off at the same time other young thinkers were taking off at their organizations. How fortunate everyone was that people of various talents should come together at the same time in life. Arlene's and my contribution was the dance (the parties as well as the performances). And together we all grew. 

The sonnet and the story illustrate how sometime lives are drawn together. Arlene had no idea that teaching me to dance would, one day, be an important part of a bigger dream. Imagine the early events of the other's early lives. Yet, in this phenomenon of life, we were all brought together in this one moment. Two lovers kiss under the stars. Are they also a part of this great continuum? How many others have kissed there before and how many more will experience that kiss? A kiss; the rebirth of organizations, I believe, we are all key actors of a grand play. We all play our important parts. We shape not only our past and future, but countless others. Life would be so much different without you. The beauty which is you. The wonder which is you. Enjoy. 

Back to the poem: Luther Vandross" Always and Forever" 

A new record is set 

President Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office, as well as the first president born outside of the continental United States. To add to this, he is now the only sitting president to set his accomplishments to music. He did this with the help of Jimmy Fallon and his band. 
Like President Obama or not, this is a pretty good song: "'Slow Jam the News' with President Obama" 

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Be glad of life because it gives you the chance 
to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars. 
Henry Van Dyke


  1. Replies
    1. Partner dancing. We liked anything Latin. Waltz and cha cha were our best, but we could do pretty much anything.
      Thank you for asking

  2. We rarely know where our small steps will take us do we...?

    1. So true. So true. at least for me.
      Thank you

  3. What a beautiful poem. Stars are so lovely and so are your words. I'm glad you and Arlene shared dance together.

    1. Thank you for this lovely compliment