Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Asked The Flowers to Sweet Justice 
A lover asks the flowers about his world 
A thief asks the world What am I doing here 

I Asked The Flowers (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I asked the flowers blossoming to Joy
To whisper their sweet music to my heart
A gentle scent to meaning of my ploy
Or any luster to my soul impart
The breeze which lights the glory of this day
Now spreads a dance of wonder everywhere
As in a realm of heaven I now stray
I asked the flowers their advise to air
Then suddenly the world became quite still
A moment of reality less clear
And in the sultry silence of this thrill
The flowers whispered this into my ear
Believe that things like this are real and true
A lover’s dream is happening to you 

In the stillness comes the answer in this Shakespearean sonnet. The structure of this sonnet carries one of its messages. In the first two quatrains the speaker puts forth his question. It takes an additional quatrain to still himself and prepare for an answer. After 12 lines, in the rhyming couplet, the flowers return their answer. In case we missed it, the first line, of the rhyming couplet, contains another of the sonnet's messages. (Believe) 

When I was young, I was a houseboy. One of my clients was a widow, Mrs. Wands. Her husband died. Mrs. Wands was a lawyer and paid me very well. Long after I stopped working for her, she would invite Arlene and I for dinner. She was always interested in my latest adventures. She was the grandmother I never had. One of Mrs. Wands' idiosyncrasies was the fairy decorations she kept around her house. One night, at a dinner (I don't know how the subject came up), Mrs. Wands shared her belief in fairies. Although she has never seen one or was effected by one, she "knows" fairies exist. I was surprised that such a successful, well educated person should hold to such things. She shared that no one had successfully convinced her that fairies do not exist. It was her belief. She never forced it on another or allowed it to rule her life. As Mrs Wands said, "How does it affect or harm anyone if I choose to believe in fairies?" There was more in this discovery than Mrs. Wands' belief in fairies. All individual's'beliefs, wants and needs in general. All those years. I never suspected that Mrs. Wands believed that fairies really exist. Now that I am old, I believe in fairies. 

So, we move from realms of lovers to the worlds of you and me. Everyone has their own beliefs, from fairies to how the world should be run. Beliefs that align with ours. Beliefs that may conflict with ours. One of mankind's greatest gift, I believe, is listening. By listening we may learn. One does not have to accept what they hear, but it tells of our nature how well we listen. What is most important about our beliefs is how they impact us. For here it all starts. If our beliefs truly benefit us what does it matter what other think? Individuals will gravitate to beliefs that suit them. In the end, I believe, only healthy, beneficial beliefs will win out. Are ours one of these? As we travel on our lives, let us enjoy. 

While we are reflecting on this subject: Secret Garden "Lotus" 

Ever wonder what does crime and ice cream have in common 

Agnes Bertha Marshall (August 24, 1855 - July 29. 1905) was a leading cookery writer in the Victorian period, and was dubbed the "Queen of Ices" for her works on ice cream and other frozen desserts. Our police have a bad reputation surrounding their love of donuts. Few know they are Agnes Marshall fans. Or rather ice cream fans. Someone should have told this to Harley Morenstein, who just finished robbing a bank, in this video by RocketJump.
Crime doesn't pay, unless one really likes ice cream. "Sweet Justice (ft. Harley Morenstein)"

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We only see what we want to see; 
we only hear what we want to hear. 
Our belief system is just like a mirror 
that only shows us what we believe. 
Don Miguel Ruiz


  1. We begin as children having imagery fantasies. Im not sure what a fairy actually supose to be but believing in something you cant see is a good thing.
    Loved the poem.

    1. As long as it doesn't hurt or bother anything.
      Thank you for the love

  2. Really gorgeous words. This can be a very challenging style to write in, but I enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and revue