Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Is It Your Smile to What Makes a Guy Hot in Your 30's 
A lover tries to figure the source of his desire's beauty 
These women confess the source of a mature man's beauty 

Is It Your Smile (English sonnet) 

Is it your smile which drifts my heart away
Perhaps your eyes those dreams of what might be
Or voice whose music sets my spirit free
Perchance your unmatched beauty makes me stray
Is it your scent whose sweetness sets me free
Perhaps the way you move starts mind to play
Or bless├ęd touch for which my soul does pray
Perchance it’s charm which cast this web on me
What is it draws my every thought toward you
Why is it you who greets me at each turn
When will I glimpse what this is all about
It seems that there is little I can do
But dedicate my life to you to learn
And in that Joy of loving find you out 

Form conveys a message in this English sonnet. The first two stanzas lead off with the same four words. The first triplet uses the three main words of questions (what, why, when). In the final triplet (the resolution) the speaker decides to just let go. After 11 lines of questioning the speaker gives in to taking his love's beauty in. 

I am no expert on the subject of beauty. I can only share my feelings on the subject. When I first met Arlene, she was not the most beautiful girl around. Strangely and truthfully, as time and moments went on, she became more and more beautiful. I had a friend and model, Valerie. One afternoon, she opened my eyes to beauty, In that one afternoon Valerie transformed herself into at least six different women. I was blown away. "There is more", she said, referring to a woman's beauty. I have come to believe, that how a lady is treated has a lot to do with how beautiful she is. One can tell how much a partner loves his mate by how beautiful she is. Let's not leave love out of the equation. I believe the more we love someone, the more love grants us the power to see more clearly. Now back to the sonnet, We can spend our time analyzing beauty or we can just let go and enjoy it. 

As we all know, there are many facets to beauty. Beauty is not limited to physical attributes. Even then, what one individual considers beautiful another individual may not. Then there is the media selling us what beauty is. If we don't look like this then there is something wrong with us. Not true. We are all beautiful. How can anything capture all of the facets of beauty? How can anything capture all of the facets of you. You do what nothing else can. (Coming close is the best they can do.) Is there something or someone more beautiful than you? We could spend our time analyzing this and that or we can take in the beauty that is you and enjoy.

Back to the poem: Virgo "I Love You" 

Dare we analyze beauty through the eyes of female friends 

College students who were asked to rate photographs of 10 male and 10 female faces found portraits showing the left sides of faces more aesthetically pleasing than those showing right sides. Elizabeth Bond, Kate McDaniel, Melissa Rojas and Stephanie Carrieare are friend and though they don't look it, are all over 30. Much has changed, including what they look for in a potential male partner. The girls are going to give us some insight into what they're looking for in men. 
If this seems sexist. that's because it is. "What Makes a Guy Hot in Your 30's"

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The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode 
but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in 
her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives 
the passion that she shows. The beauty of a 
woman grows with the passing years. 
Audrey Hepburn


  1. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

    1. Beauty is a gift to one who can truly appreciate it.
      Thank you for your support

  2. Beauty is definitely subjective. I too feel that the more I love someone the more beautiful they are to me. The beauty of your poem held me in its sway today.

    1. One can see in your art that you have a deep understanding of beauty.
      Thank you for the warm words

  3. Oh yeah, a guy would be guaranteed to get some by quoting your poem to his lady.

    1. You think?
      Thank you for adding this touch