Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It Calls To Me to Pool Fart 
One sound starts the promise of the day 
One sound ends it all 

It Calls To Me (English sonnet) 

It calls to me each instant of the day
With every breath and passing step so clear
From morning light refreshing night it’s near
It calls to me in some enchanted way
It calls to me mid every song I hear
And with each heartbeat I am led astray
To lavish blossom in life’s rich bouquet
It calls to me in every Joyous tear
There was a time when dreams seemed hard to reach
And each day passed as countless years before
No hope no cause no call to harken to
There rose a dawn so rare would heaven breech
The kiss of promise wishes filled with more
It calls to me in every thought of you 

A refrain in a lover's heart brings together this English sonnet. The refrain we're talking about is, "It calls to me". It begins and ends the quatrains in this sonnet. It disappears for five lines and then reappears at the sonnet's conclusion, with the answer. The desired effect is: To put the reader in the same frame of mind as the speaker. What is this constant call that makes the world so perfect? What would things be like without this song? "But everything's alright because the reminder , the essence of you (his love) is there." An example of how words can create a structure. 

Pretty straight forward, here. I really love my wife. I can't imagine a word without her. Let me use this moment to explain another spark of magic with you. Arlene was very beautiful. Amor, my present wife is beautiful too. I believe some of a woman's beauty is a direct response or result of the person she holds special. Oh, a woman can look beautiful on her own. But add the right attention of her desire and she becomes more. Whether a direct response of her treatment or an "I did it" attitude or some other gift of nature women process. I know a lot of couples. Women whose husband treat them special tend to look better. There is this old hunched back lady. She retains her beauty because, I believe, her husband really loves her. Or is it something else? Maybe the love in the air clouds the vision. Maybe I'm just a romantic. Regardless, I will continue to treat my wife special and lavish her with attention. I enjoy her beauty. (Not to mention the kisses.) 

We talked about my belief in making a woman more beautiful. What about us? What about the world? First of all, I believe, we are the world. No one person can change the whole world. Find than one thing that we feel strongly about and fix it or help to fix it. Stay focused. Maybe we can take on one or two more world changing projects, but be careful not to become defused. You will be surprised the wonders you will achieve. Imagine if everyone fixes one little piece of the world. There are enough things that need fixing to go around. And where does it start? I know many of us have already started. Remember that we are the world. You are a very important part of the great puzzle. Believe it! Spark the beauty which only come from you and enjoy. 

Back to the sonnet: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance 
Cole Porter "Day and Night" 

By reading the title we know there's farting and a pool, but there's more 

The chemical makeup of water is two parts hydrogen, one pat Oxygen. The chemical makeup of the average fart is 59% nitrogen, 21% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane and 4% oxygen. This may be of some value as we watch this video (or warning) from Freddie Wong and his pals at RockJump. 
Remember this video the next time we are in a swimming pool and we feel a fart coming on. "Pool Fart!" 

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  1. I am sure that your positive attitude (and romantic streak) is one of the reasons you have found love. Twice.

    1. Thank you for your warm compliments

  2. I'm a believer that beauty comes within. However, it's improved by looks that appeal!

    1. Thank you for this valuable insight.