Thursday, June 9, 2016

Meaningless Meaning to Is That Your Guitar 
One man as a window to share his broken heart 
One man as a friend to share his broken heart 

Meaningless Meaning (poem) 

I looked though a window
A window which took a lifetime to fashion
A lifetime of Joy and tears
Of Joy at the person which I became
The person with so much to share
So much were the chances waiting in the street
Chances waiting for a sun to shine
To shine on a dream yet to come
A dream which fights to hold on
To hold a hope it fashioned long ago
It fashioned the meaning of the morning
The meaning of my bless├ęd gift
Of my path which brought me here
Which brought on this time and this moment
This time through the window of eternity
Of eternity when once more I stretch forth my hand
I stretch across the reason of faith
Across the meaningless meaning of words
Meaningless meaning refreshing the spring of a dream
Refreshing the window which now I looked through 

Something prevents this from being a free form poem. At first glance it certainly looks like a free form poem. On closer examination we will discover the first two words of each line was used in the proceeding line. (i.e. A window - I looked though a window) In fact, this is a poem of connects. One other point: The ending in some ways brings us back to the beginning.

Arlene, my other half, was gone. My world was an insane wreck. Time doesn't heal all wounds. When I finally started to get myself into some order, I began to look out my window. The window of who I was and what had brought me here. I had lost the love of my life, of 46 years. And what an extraordinary life it was. I was sad. I was confused. I was lost. Yet looking through my window, if I was to bring meaning to what was, I had to rejoice in all those good times. I had to find strength through all those memories. If Arlene and Martin meant anything at all, I must carry on. 

The poem also illustrates connections. As one thing leads to another a person is healed. Imagine all the connections that brought us to this moment. I look back at my poor childhood and wonder how different I would be now, had I enjoyed a better childhood. Or maybe it is human nature to strive for the best. The sun does greet another day. Imagine all the connections we were, are, will be part of. Life is a wonder. And we are wonders. You may have thought that you were not that important. Well go to your window and think again. What would my world be like without you? Interesting. You are reading this. Connections. See what wonders we are? And as we do our part to make this a better world, enjoy. 

How about some music to go with all of this; Elmara "Training" 

We all need friend - or do we 

Research has shown that men's communications tend to focus on status while women's communications tend to focus on relationships. To hep illustrate this is Boat Comedy. Amos' girlfriend has just dumped him. He calls his best friend Mike to listen to his plight and lighten is sorrow. Note how men handle this tender situation. 
You are probably wondering, where is the women's side. They all left after seeing this video. "Is that your guitar?" 

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Each life reverberates in every other life. 
Whether or not we acknowledge it, we are 
connected, woven together in our needs 
and desires, rich and poor, men and 
women alike. 
Susan Griffin


  1. Carrying on is sometimes so very hard.
    As the most important things often are.

    1. Thank you for these inspirational words.
      It is very kind of you

  2. What a beautiful poem. I especially like the words "Of my path which brought me here
    Which brought on this time and this moment" I am glad you found the strength to carry on.

    1. You are so kind.
      Tank you for taking a moment to e here