Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Next Time to Epic Handshake Game  
From a guy who set his life aside 
To a handshake that became legendary 

Next Time (poem) 

Riches beyond belief
A home by the shore of so many dreams
Cars and boats all the fashion of the week
Money to spare
Beyond compare
Sprouts everywhere
Pays for all care
Next time
Legend of so many
Another achievement for others to envy
One more trophy for history’s book
Records to claim
Doubters to shame
Ideas name
Dawn’s dream proclaim
Next time
Lover till for always
A kiss a word to set the night on fire
Passion’s dreams which keeps all needs in view
Attentive ear
A world kept here
A heart so dear
An always near
Next time
A person for one day
Someone just to look at in the mirror
Someone who must greet just one more day
Taking a chance
Daring a dance
Endless expanse
Things to enhance
Making a stance
Thoughts to advance
New things to glance
A fate to romance
Next time

A free form poem or a rhyme, another time leads to this poem. Each stanza starts out with a free form verse, then the stanza turns to rhyme. The rhyme portion is an echo, the benefits of the free form portion. In the first stanza, we are led to believe that this is a lucky guy. Then comes the words, "Next time." To accentuate the speakers frustration, the rhyme portion has a strong beat pattern. In the final stanza the rhyme portion is extended to illustrate the speaker's madness with his situation.

This poem is quite opposite of me. When I was young, there was this girl, Gloria. She was the most beautiful, most sought after and most have to be like that girl at my school. I, like many other guys, just wanted to date her. Though I was preforming on the stage; though I wasn't bad looking; though many girls were after me, I couldn't talk to Gloria. "Why would she want to talk to one as me?" About a year after I graduated, I bumped into Gloria. There was something she was dying to ask me. "Why didn't you ever ask me out?", Gloria asked me. It turns out she felt for me as I felt for her. From that second on I swore never again to let an opportunity pass me by.

Many people let fear keep them from an opportunity. For instance, there was my friend Shane. Shane really liked this girl, but couldn't talk to her. I had him meet me for lunch at Schroeder's, where I knew the chef. As Shane waited for me at a table, in I walk with Shane's dream. It turns out she was interested in him too. After a beer, I left the couple alone. Shane and the girl eventually got married. Just kidding. The couple did go out several more times. She was career bound and had an opportunity to go back to school. Shane was Irish. Ireland was calling him back. They did live this their memory.

Hear the clock ticking? That is our life. Some think it is too sort. Some think it is too long. Short or long, it will eventually end. Even if we believe in something after death, all this will end. The days of possibly dating Gloria, in school, are gone. But all the things I have done. We cannot go back to the past. But the things we did in our past can be our strength in meeting out tomorrow. Opportunities may come around only once. They are ours. They are our strength to meet the unknown. Don't allow anything to rob us of the gifts meant for us. Blessed is the individual who basks in their own fullness. A fullness that is ready for that next opportunity. And while we bask in our blessings, enjoy.

A song to go with the poem: Hopium ft. Phoebe Lou "Dreamer" 

There are secret handsakes and there are epic handshakes 

Archaeological ruins and ancient texts show that handshaking was practiced in ancient Greece as far back as the 5th century BC. The handshake is thought by some to have originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon. Now-a-days a handshake means so much more. From the secret handshakes of those secret organizations to the handshakes celebrated in the streets. Scott Winn and Cyrus Spencer, of ScottDW, have taken handshakes too an epic level. 
NOTICE - This epic handshake will be known as an average handshake tomorrow. "EPIC HAND SHAKE GAME TIME SONG! (feat. ScottDW & Glitch)" 

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  1. I would feel excitement with each line then Id read "next time". And thought this is my life. haha

    1. I find this hard to believe. Perhaps you're fooling with me.
      The weekend is coming.
      Thank you and here's to fullness

  2. I do think the clock is ticking, thank you for that reminder today. Lovely poem and thoughts Martin.

    1. Best wishes in fulling all your dreams.
      Thank you for the sunshine

  3. Riches beyond belief don't include money, cars, houses or fashion for me. The simpler things. The more intangible things...
    And yes, opportunities are to be taken.

    1. For some, these are riches. As we know "riches" is an individual thing. Like beating John on the tennis court.
      Thank you for the reflection