Monday, June 13, 2016

One More Moment to Camping 101 
Lovers enjoy one more moment in their dream 
A father and son enjoy one more moment in the great outdoors 

One More Moment (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Just one more moment drifting in a dream
A paradise beyond enchantment’s shore
With fragrant waves of promises of more
And wishes granted cast in rainbow’s stream
Just one more moment in eternity
No need for time or scent of worldly things
Sip richness which imagination brings
And let a heart know wonders yet to be
The daylight had a purpose all its own
For other flowers searching for their light
An instant for their beauty to ignite
An instant satin memories are sewn
But in this instant everything in view
Just one more moment drifting here in you 

A dream for two lovers make this Shakespearean sonnet. How ironic that such a tight, highly organised sonnet is the playground for love. This sonnet has the same idea beginning the first two stanzas and ending the sonnet ("Just one more moment"). Since this sonnet is tenderly dealing with the subject of love, the conflict stanza (the third) is treated a bit differently. The first two stanzas follow a tight pattern. The conflict occurs because the third stanza introduces a pattern of its own. The return of the theme is the main message of the sonnet. 

Arlene and I met many changes in life in love. There were those crazy teenagers. That young pair dealing with the realities of living together. Then came parenthood. And thanks to a bunch of old people, Arlene and I got to recelebrate our 20's. Our favorite thing to do was getting in the car and driving. We made a good fiend who worked at Hertz rent a car, who gave us outrages deals on great cars. Arlene loved to drive, especially the latest model car. So we would spend a weekend on an unplanned adventure. So there we we were, two adventurers, kissing, hugging and enjoying each other through life. Making one more moment. Trying to recapture a favorite moment and making a new moment. And when we were confined to our home, there was that soft warm blanket, where we could cuddle and make one more moment. 

We are all adventurers. Traveling in this wonder called life. Love is a concept, a feeling, a way of life, a blessing, a curse, we have been trying to understand for lifetimes. Love is but one color of the rainbow of life. There is so much more. And like colors, there is so much we can't see. We can't experience. What a wonder is this world. This time. This life. Add to this wonder an individual, an adventurer. An adventurer trying to find some meaning, Trying to understand. Trying to create. A marvel, one more color making one more moment. That marvel is us. And as we create our own special moments, enjoy. 

An artist who made special moments: Sade "No Ordinary Love" 

Another adventure is a father's relationship with his son 

A camper's best friend, the Swiss Army knife was first produced in Ibach, Switzerland, in 1891 and was credited to Karl Elsener, its inventor. Christian and his dad probably forgot Swiss Army knife as they went on their annual trip. "Trip" is a fitting word, when one sees how much these two love each other and the great outdoors. Our thanks to ScottDW for capturing this moment. 
Imagine doing this year after year. "camping 101" 

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Life is the flower 
for which love is the honey. 
Victor Hugo


  1. Very lucky to get a car and go driving without a plan. Often the best drives.

    1. One of the reasons I heavily got into charity. I lived a very lucky life.
      Thank you and may luck shine on you

  2. I don't like car trips without a purpose. (I don't like car trips.) I am so glad that this was something more that you and Arleen could share. I am an appreciator, and it seems that you are too. We do have lucky lives.

    1. I don't recommend these car trips. So much can go wrong. Arlene and I were very lucky.
      Thank you for giving your input