Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our Dream to Moving Day 
Some couples dream of love 
Other couples dream of moving 

Our Dream (lyrical poem) 

Come fly
The sky
With me
And see
A stream
A dream
Come to
Our view
A star lit night
Too set moods right
Soft hearts await
To meet their fate
So why
Not try
To flee
To free
That gleam
Our dream
Come true
A moon lit light
To guide our flight
The world can wait
While we create
Creating dreams for you and I
Another windswept memory
Created on edges extreme
Where music of passion break through
To my
Soft plea
And see
The skies’ delight
Within our sight
Our dream
For two
Who knew
It’s not too late
The rest can wait

A collection of short ideas create this lyrical poem. This poem is founded more on beats than on rhymes. The lines have 2, 4 or 8 beats per line. The stanza with 8 beats per line doesn't seem to rhyme.  In fact, it rhymes with preceding stanzas. One more thing is hidden in this poem. 2, 4 and 8 are divisible by 2. What do lovers feel that is divisible by 2? 

I am the kind of person who can do the same thing over and over again. But the longer I'm hooked in a routine, the more I yearn for something different. Don't get me wrong. I like variety. There was a time, I would try any new thing. One riddle beyond the way I felt was Arlene. I say riddle because in and with Arlene everything seemed different. And I say seemed because I wasn't sure. As an example: Arlene enjoyed a specific routine of cuddling. Strangely, though always quite similar, it always felt quite different to me. Perhaps it was Arlene. Being with her... Having her by my side... I put all else aside. The world will always be there, but each moment with Arlene... 

I am certain many know, have felt what I'm talking about. Isn't it amazing how people can touch each other? I write a poem and it touches a page of one's life. A stranger smiles at us and there is something more to it. Have we ever wanted to thank or say something to someone, but just didn't have the right words? We do something special for that person and our actions transform into the perfect meaning. We go beyond words. We are amazing. Listen and nature will affirm how wonderful we are. Breath in your richness and enjoy. 

Need something more to think about: Nicos "Secret Love" 

Moving on your mind 

According to the Employee Relocation Council, there are only two other life events that are more stressful than moving: death and divorce. Never the less, BuzzFeed Video has found a couple who want to move. BuzzFeed & XFINITY have put together a video to help them and us make moving a bit easier. 
Moving might remain stressful, but laughing at this video may help lower the stress level. "Moving Day // Presented by BuzzFeed & XFINITY" 

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Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. 
They're in each other all along. 


  1. How to love? Touch smell taste tease soothe surprise satisfy, oh this list could get long *grin*

    1. Thank you for this nice addition to this post

  2. I think it's wonderful that your priorities focus on those you love. The poem is quite beautiful.

    1. Thank you for your warm compliments.

  3. Dreams give the most earth-bound of us wings.

    1. They were my job at Chevron and for the Masons.
      Thank you and dream on

  4. Replies
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