Saturday, June 18, 2016

Promised Rest to Customer Service 
Rest comes to the aid of a maiden who had a beautiful day
Customer service comes to the aid of a maiden whose computer is down 

Promised Rest (Italian sonnet) 

The sun has kissed another day goodnight
Close your eyes and dream with me be with me
Love with me open up your mind to see
Tomorrow’s waiting somewhere out of sight
For here and now what’s real revolves in you
Close your eyes and drift away slip away
Love away open up your mind and stray
So precious is this time for a renew
For here again our love has stood the test
Jealous teeth that gnawed at us pawed at us
Sawed at us torment’s flames enjoyed the fuss
Yet here we are to kiss our promised rest
The sun we knew has said its long goodbye
Close your eyes and softly sleep secrets keep
Love to reap open up your mind and leap
To sleep a dream of one as blessed as I 

Word Wizardry and stardust sprinkle this Italian sonnet. This sonnet was written to be softly spoken. In it one will find a repetition of words and rhymes. For example, in the first stanza the repeated word is "me". Also notice lines two and three start the same in all stanzas but the third, the conflict stanza. Don't try force the iambic pentameter beat (soft, hard, soft, hard, etc.) on lines two and three. The beats have been altered on purpose. 

Here's a riddle to consider. What does one dream who lives a dream? I married my childhood sweetheart, my dream. I didn't go to work. I went to play. I have done things that most people only dream of. My new wife, Amor, by just being herself, keeps me going one more day. A psychologist once asked me, as part of his examination, if a rock floats on water. I responded, "What is the temperature?" At my job, I was paid to think outside of the box. (Think of examples yourself were a rock can float on water.) So what does one dream who lives a dream? Once the nightmares were gone, like the sonnet suggests, most of my dream are flights of fancy. What can really be done. I can remember waking up on weekends and telling Arlene, "Let's go." For me, dreams and reality are the same thing. What can't be done are just words on a piece of paper, if you get my meaning. 

I'm not going to say we can all live our dreams. I am not qualified and I really don't know. Some people, want to be rich so that they can buy a house and do this and that. I think to myself why not just do this and that and buy the house and leave being rich behind? Then there is the whole clarity issue. A house, where and how big? What's involved in owning a house? Then there is that whole esoteric issue. What do we really want? Interesting, a dream doesn't pause for things like this. Remember the rock question? Maybe, just maybe, living a dream begins something like that. Can we all live our dreams? Let's just focus on you. And while you are on that florid path to discovery, enjoy. 

How about a song to go with this theme: Aiemo feat.Sandra Hakky "Dreaming Eyes" 

Some people dream of winning the lottery. Some people dream of fixing their computer. 

It is estimated that only about 10% of the world’s currency is physical money, the rest only exists on computers. Therefore, how important it is that we keep these machines in good working order. Unfortunately, every now and again, our computers go down. We then are forced to call customer service for help. 
The phone call might go something like this. "Customer Service (Ep. 2)" 

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Dreams are today's answers 
to tomorrow's questions. 
Edgar Cayce


  1. Love 'drift away slip away'. And do quite a bit of that myself.

    1. Careful. You might attract followers wo want to be like you.
      Thank you

  2. I have never dreamed to be rich. Id rather live in comfort and peace.

    1. May you realize your dreams.
      Thank you for the dreams you share

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for that input. I will have more