Monday, June 27, 2016

Stay Here With Me to Clash of Crayons 
Imagine worlds loosed by lovers 
Imagine worlds loosed by crayons 

Stay Here With Me (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Stay here with me this gentle fleeting while
Together we’ll give form to all we dream
Another chance to visit star-swept isle
Young hearts await a moment to redeem
Here in the arms of everything so true
Enthralled in wonders never felt so real
Refreshing shores of paradise we view
Each whispered kiss gives light to what we feel
What memories are waiting to be born
In deeds imagination’s passion’s flow
Through breaths upon this island we adorn
Here in the mist which only lovers know
Make most of isle upon time’s endless sea
Enjoy this while and just stay here with me 

A lover's plea is echoed in this Shakespearean sonnet. The acrostic and the sonnet forms of poetry combine to form this lover's heart. Not only this, but the sonnet begins and ends with the theme: "Stay here with me". 

Arlene's and my third apartment was a giant flat on 33rd Avenue in the Richmond district of San Francisco. Here Arlene's investment, of teaching me to dance, would pay off. It was the height of the disco era. Just like the sonnet, the world was opening up to us. Arlene and I had gone out dancing before, but not like this. We were not rich, but we moved in a world with a two layered pricing system: "the in crowd" and everyone else. We frequented our favorite dance clubs, who gave us a price break, because we usually brought with us an entourage. We always dressed great; ca-ching. Our hair styles were always slightly ahead of fashion; ca-ching. ("Ca-ching" represents money saved because Arlene and I would send customers.) If one was really lucky, they might be invited to a dance at Arlene's and Martin's. All this notoriety, would bring two lovers insights into many other romantic venues. It was truly a realm of wonder for and made for two young lovers. But all things must end. The discos were changing. Although things were cheaper for Arlene and I, we had dipped deeply into our credit. Arlene was pregnant. A time was coming to a close. Life can be strange, though. Arlene and I would revisit these moments in our 40's. But that's another story. 

I believe, this time we have is just for us. What I mean by that is as individuals things are put in our reach that are special to us. People could be envious of Arlene and I. Arlene and I could have been envious of others. We chose instead to enjoy our life. By doing so, others offered a piece of their life. So live your life. Marvel in what special glow you add to this wonder called life. And as one chapter ends and a new one begins in that great book call "Me", enjoy.

How about a song to go with that sonnet: Schiller "I Feel You" 

To draw my love I need crayons 

The notion to combine a form of wax with pigment (a crayon) actually goes back thousands of years. Pliny the Elder, a Roman scholar, was thought to describe the first techniques of wax crayon drawings. In today's world, with our computers and our mobile devises, the humble crayon has taken on a whole new stature. Zach King was one who may have stumbled on an unseen world has created a video to make us wonder. 
Do we know where our crayons are? "Clash of Crayons" 

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Life is full of beauty. Notice it. 
Notice the bumble bee, the small child, 
and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, 
and feel the wind. Live your life to the 
fullest potential, and fight for your dreams. 
Ashley Smith


  1. I noticed emediatly the start of each sentence spelled the title to the poem. Really cool. So when you kids would say " how are we supose to get in? With our looks? You could say "yes". This is good.

    1. I believe we get "in" based on what we're good at.
      Thank you for your interest and support

  2. Life is to be lived. Even for those of us who were never 'in'. There is still pleasure. To be savoured and cherished.

    1. I believe everyone is "in", somewhere. The possibilities are much to grand.
      Thank you for your possibilities