Sunday, June 12, 2016

Stir Of A Silent Dream to Super Powered Energy Drinks 
The power of flowers in love 
The power of some energy drinks 

Stir Of A Silent Dream (Shakespearean sonnet) 

There somewhere passing through a silent dream
Where flowers dance to greet the morning air
Flare fragrant wishes swishes from some stream
Fair kisses of my youth are waiting there
Here past and future all but fade away
Mere mist amid the glory of your stars
Steer this new wonder to an angel’s play
Veer past the want for need and all its scars
Through nights of shallow shadows without hope
You heard the tears of years mid morning dew
Few knew the power of a flower’s scope
True were the words I shared with only you
Soft whisper passing gently through the night
Oft will I close my eyes to hold you tight 

Love's glory shines through in this Shakespearean sonnet. There is a lot going on in this sonnet. One might miss that the speaker suffers problems that the flower of his delight eases away. This was done to let the glories of a wonderful love stir away the problems. There was a problem, but love eased away all its power. Did we notice that there are two rhymes in each stanza? The first words in each stanza rhyme. Yes, some lines contain Word Wizardry. 

The love Arlene ad I shared was legendary. It did get a bit steamy after we were married and the realities of the real world toyed with our feelings. Even so, there was real power in our love. Not only did we survive these fiery times, we attracted many to us who wanted to take in the scent of lovers. Beside all this was my childhood nightmares. That evil man who terrorized  my youth, became more powerful in my dreams. Imagine enjoying a sweet dream and suddenly this monster shows up. The only defense was to wake up. Arlene knew about my step father. Many were the nights Arlene would comfort me with a greater dream. Our love. Our day. Our days were the dreams this monster could not touch. Eventually, in my 30's, I managed to stand up to my monster, in a dream, and he never returned. Gentle were the whispers that guided me through the night. 

Arlene was my helping hand against a nightmare (and so much more). Amor is my helping hand with my current challenge. In my charity work there were many helping hands. There were helping hands in all my endeavours. I have had the honor of being a helping hand. We all have, are and will be helping hands. All of us. Not just at work or because we believe we are going to get something out of it (except feeling good). I believe it is a part of our true nature to help each other. I believe when a person closes their eyes or act poorly (or shockingly) something else, something unnatural is at work. The vast majority of the world is good. As we read this, we may not be aware how important are the contributions we make. But it's true! We are all important. Think of all the good things that you have done. And while you do, enjoy. 

Let's get back to love: Selena "Dreaming Of You" 

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  1. Hello, love the poem and post. It is always nice to have someone around to help us in a time of need. Just some kind words help. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      Let me be your helping hand by wishing you all the best

  2. Love that your dream bully dissipated when you were able to challenge him through Arleen's support. Some (not all) real ones do too.

    1. Dreams can be hard things to deal with. In the end, love conquers all.
      Thank you for this warm comment

  3. Such beautiful words Martin, I especially loved "Soft whisper passing gently through the night" I'm glad you faced the darkness and see the good in the world.

    1. This is so sweet of you.
      Thank you and bless you

  4. Your and angel in your Charity work.

    1. Chevron Oil gave me my start with United Way.
      Thank you for this and that great sandwich of yours