Friday, June 24, 2016

Sweet Memory to One letter off Superheroes 
Add the years and memories change 
Change a letter and change a superhero 

Sweet Memory (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I stroll the fields we planted yesterday
The blossom of a dream which did come true
The promise of our season seemed so new
Sweet memory we swore won’t slip away
I stroll the fields we worked on through the years
The blossom of a dream which won’t die
The promise of our tears which happened by
Sweet memory our vow now reappears
I stroll the fields which now does seem so strange
The blossom of a dream so long ago
The promise of a time we think we know
Sweet memory has undergone a change
I stroll the fields now on the verge of night
Sweet memory our fairytale unite 

Within the structure something has changed in this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet uses word repetition. The lines of each quatrain begins with the same word pattern. This was done to represent things that do not change. As the sonnet progresses each quatrain is meant to represent the change of seasons of the speaker's life. Notice that it is "Sweet memory" not the plural "Sweet memories". 

Arlene and I were fortunate to live an unreal life. There were the dances, the places we went. the people that helped us, wanted to be near us, wanted to hear one more story of our exploits. Our quietest time was wen we became parents. Even then there was the PTA and the coaching. And then there was our son, Peter. Peter was no average child, He learned to read by the time he was 4. Arlene and I were not rich, so even though Peter went to school, much of his education fell on us. This was the same period of time that I was doing radio commercials to make some extra money and to help my friend. Then came the Mason years. The glories and the thrills Arlene and I would live there... All and all, a great life. A great dream. Yet there was a something (call it a memory) that was more than all we did. All we lived. A "memory" that kept us together through it all. Call it love. Call it something two young lovers saw in each other's eyes. Call it a promise. Whatever it is, it now unites what is real and the realms beyond reality. 

We are human. There is so much under our control. Yet, there really are thins beyond our capacity to understand, to see,  to take in. A simple example: there are colors beyond those we humans can see. Have we ever wanted to express our feelings, but couldn't find the words or actions adequately? Welcome to what makes you special. Even wilder, have you ever experienced someone who had trouble reaching out to you, yet you got a sense of what was out of reach? Food for reflection.  Oh, volumes are written to neatly explain it all away. But why does it take volumes? Believe, we are all special. It is within us all to find, to know, to understand those things that are of meaning to us. And while we create our "memory", enjoy. 

How about a song for all of this: Ray Charles "Sweet Memory" 

What would a superhero be without a name 

The first superhero was Lee Falk's The Phantom which appeared as a daily newspaper strip starting on February 17, 1936. Since then countess superheroes have appeared and disappeared. As one might imagine the hardest thing, as new superheroes appear, is coming up with names. Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, of Smosh, came up with an idea. What if we take existing superheroes' name and exchange letters.
Ian and Anthony have a history of being bad spellers. "ONE LETTER OFF SUPERHEROES" 

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Now I believe that lovers should be 
draped in flowers and laid entwined 
together on a bed of clover and left there 
to sleep, left there to dream of their happiness. 
Conor Oberst


  1. I am glad you have such lovely memories and I very much enjoyed your memory poem.

    1. Thank you for your warmth and support

  2. Your memory chest holds more value than Fort Knox. Or any bank.

    1. And more precious too.
      Here's to our memories.
      Thank you