Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Murder of Their Friend to How To Make a Paper Gun 
They were surprised at the loss of their friend 
They were surprised to learn how to make a gun out of paper 

The Murder of Their Friend (English sonnet) 

Their friend was gone where was it that he went
All thoughts now turned to some unknown demise
At least that’s how it was within the eyes
Of those with whom such happy times were spent
What other whimsy might a fool surmise
Explains away the absence of a gent
A fellow who had nothing to repent
And even less about him to revise
The word soon spread to everyone around
A mystery the world could not dismiss
Each day would call another heart to pound
What unseen fiend was causing all of this
Twas underneath a tree that he was found
Their friend was gone there taken by a kiss 

Toying with emotions is a kiss and an English sonnet. No one ever said a classic sonnet had to be serious. This sonnet paints a picture of good man, a good friend, who mysteriously disappeared. All thoughts turn to the worst. (Hopefully ours was too.) In the end their friend was indeed a victim. A victim of love. 

Yes, I was that victim, when I first fell in love with Arlene. But let me skip ahead a few years. I was a member of the Fun For Lunch Bunch. The Fun For Lunch Bunch was a group of six guys who met at lunch to share their lunches and a joint. (One of the guys was a  gal.) One day one of our members was missing. This went on a week. We feared the worst. Maybe it was the joint. The rumors we got from others, who knew him, fed our fears. Two of our members did some investigation.  As it turned out, our friend had met a girl. For his desire of her, he had shut off the rest of the world. As we continued our idol chit-chat about the good and bad of our friend and is new found love, I couldn't help but remember that was once me. Later that day, I bumped into Tony, another member of the group. He confided in me that he thought we were talking of the time he had met his wife. 

We all do share some common experiences: falling in love, raising a family, getting old. When I worked at Chevron, I got to talk to people all over the world. I marveled at how much people have in common. Have you ever stood in line and looked at the people who are looking forward to the same experience as you? Yes, we are all special. We are all unique, one of a kind. Yet, nature has designed us to feel, to share common touches of life. I believe, this is a reminder that we are all one. I believe, this was put there to keep us from killing each other (though many are often blind). I believe that this is a hope of our future. A time of peace. A time when individual work and grow together. Oh yes, it's coming. And as we move to its calling, let us enjoy. 

As for lovers lost in love: Cash Cash "Victim of Love" 

The world is full of surprises like a gun made of paper 

Ever heard of Jen Stark? Born in 1983 in Miami, Florida, Jen is a leading contemporary artist whose majority of work involves creating paper sculptures. The nameless figure of HowToBasic s throwing his name (nameless as it may be) into the hat of paper artists. He thinks he has stumbled on a working gun, made entirely of paper. He is prepared to show us how to make his gun and to operate it. 
Maybe if it works he will tell us his name. "How To Make a Paper Gun that Shoots" 

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I remember the first time I fell in love. 
I held her hand in mine with not an interest 
to let go. I floated along lighter than I’ve ever felt. 
I kissed her hand as if she were my princess. 
There was a heart full of love and it was 
all for her. Every flower, every song, 
every cloud, every sunshine, every raindrop 
was a gift from heaven. For this angel had come 
to take my love. For the first time I felt love…
Jason Micheal Ratliff


  1. Ah victim of love. I could just imagine the guys looking for you! Seems like that gun would not work but it does. Then again love is the same way I reckon.

    1. Aah memories. I'm glad I still have them.
      Thank you for letting me share with you

  2. How beautiful. Fantastic. Top of the romance list.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I'm honored

  3. A much better way to lose an friend. And hopefully not permanent as the other is.

    1. Agreed.
      Thank you. Hope you enjoyed my re-re-reaccount

  4. Hello, there are many ways to lose a friend. This was a good way and hopefully they are not lost forever. Happy weekend to you!

    1. "Love is a many splendored thing..."
      Thank you. Hope you enjoyed reading