Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Promised Stream to Anime Baseball 
A lover's fantasy comes true in a stream 
Is it a fantasy when baseball turns to anime 

The Promised Stream (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Was heaven flowing by the promised stream
Perfection was the music all around
The fragrances of ecstasy abound
Each instant was a vision from s dream
The promised stream would play upon my heart
The promised stream refreshed my clarity
There in the veils of beauty holding me
The promised stream its secrets would impart
No woods no clouds no dark could hope to hide
No time dare steal a second of its grace
Such everlasting Joys waits stream’s embrace
That stars have placed eternity aside
Was bathing in a fantasy made true
The promised stream of love which flows from you 

Refreshing clarity comes through in this Shakespearean sonnet. We have taken a different approach with this sonnet. We start by stating an idea followed by wondrous generalities. In the second quatrain, we focus on the idea. In the third quatrain (the conflict stanza) the negatives are condensed. By heavily using the very negative word "no". we were able to get a powerful discord felt in two lines. Leaving two lines, in that quatrain, to season the mystery of the stream. The rhyming couplet resolves the sonnet and reveals the source of the promised stream. 

I'm not saying anything surprising when I say, there is power in love. The many things I accomplished were a easier because I had Arlene at my side. And I'm certain Arlene felt the same. For she too accomplished grand things. Our son, Peter, went to a pretty good elementary school. Arlene wanted to participate in the PTA. The school's PTA was a social club, run by and for one lady, who was the president. When this lady's son graduated the lady left the PTA and Arlene became president. That's when the fun began.  I can't tell you how many moments I hugged and listened to Arlene unload all the discouraging "can'ts" she was bombarded with. Arlene asked me not to confront the people, but use my energy to be her strength. (This was also a great strategy to keep people involved with the PTA.) In time Arlene got more parents involved with the PTA. In turn, the school got a better, more active PTA. This led to a better education for students, which was reflected in the improvement in the children's grades. This was due from Arlene's hard work. When Arlene left the PTA, they threw her a big dinner. She ended her"thank you" speech by thanking me for my love which gave her the will to accomplish this. The power of the stream. 

So we have a love poem and an example of something built through love. There is real power in, with and through love. Love, as I'm sure we all know, is not limited to the realms of kisses and hugs. It is not not limited to the relationships of men and women. Love is not limited at all. I believe we have barely touched upon the wonder of love. Not only can we take love in, we can also be a source of love. Imagine that! We are a source of an endless miracle. With this gift can we...? While we are exploring the potentials, enjoy. 

I think I found a fitting song: Vargo "Awakening" 

Talk about love - America loves baseball 

The origins of baseball is difficult to trace with precision. A French manuscript from 1344 contains an illustration of clerics playing a game, possibly la soule, with similarities to baseball. This great pass time as gone through many evolution. The crew at Corridor Digital has taken this game to a whole new level. What happens to America's most beloved game when anime is added? 
I can hear some say, "As long as it doesn't effect my beer." "ANIME Baseball" 

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Love has reasons 
which reason cannot understand. 
Blaise Pascal


  1. Love is indeed a powerful force. I very much enjoy reading your poems and thoughts on love.

    1. Appreciate your kind words.
      Thank you for sharing your love

  2. The support you and Arleen gave each other was a powerful (and beautiful) thing. A picture which tells thousands of words.

    1. It is a picture we all compose. (At least, I like to believe.)
      Thank you for being a part of this picture