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Beside The Sea to Watch This - Ultimate Skate Park Disaster 
What wonders awaits him there beside the sea 
What wonders await them at the skate park 

Beside the Sea (English sonnet) 

He leaves his worries there beside the sea
Where every wave invites him to come in
Each passing tide a new one will begin
And with the sand becomes a memory
Soft melody begins his mind to spin
Warm breezes call to set his spirit free
To swim again inside of ecstasy
Forgotten moments wonder where he’s been
Remembering those precious moments when
An ember of a kiss brought sheer delight
And where was he when feelings had to go
Some memories where far more sweeter then
But where was he when she walked back insight
Beside the sea with hope that she might show 

Wonders lead to an answer in this English sonnet. In this sonnet we are presented with a person. He begins by casting us in broad generalities. As the sonnet goes on we get hints to what's really on his mind. The final line starts with the final words of the first line ("beside the sea"), as the meaning behind the sonnet is relieved. It was a girl all along. 

This sonnet was a revision of an actual moment. It wasn't the sea, but a coffee shop. Arlene and I were living at that small Richmond district apartment. We just had another of those arguments that plagued us during this period of our life. I went to a coffee shop, in the old hippie district, to brood. A strange woman came and sat down with me. She could tell I was having a problem. She invited me to talk with her. There was something pleasant about her, so I opened up to her. We talked about many things, including my the arguments with Arlene. As we talked, my thoughts turned more and more to Arlene. And there she was. The woman left my table as she walked into the coffee shop. I didn't notice the women getting up. I only saw her at the dessert counter, winking at me. Over a cup of coffee and a sweet dessert Arlene and I made up. I'm sure that there is a logical explanation to the woman and how Arlene found me. But by dropping all logic, we have a great memory. 

How wonderful this life of ours is. Here we a have a couple who had just had an argument, magically reunited. Sure, one could analyze each moment and see how and why the whole thing happened.Therein also is the wonder of life. There are some individuals who feel it important to know the full story. Some individuals feel they need a bit more. Life provides an avenue for everyone, But the past. For now the past, as it really was, no longer belongs to us. All that is left of the past are memories. Using this example, I'm sure we all have experienced magic in our life. I believe that there are some things or experiences that don't require all of the explanations. When the scent of life's wonder and magic fill the air, sit back and enjoy. 

Back at the sea shore: James Varda "Beside The Sea" 

Who better to take us from the ethereal to the ridiculous than a skateboarder 

Skateboarding, as we know it, was probably born sometime in the late 1940s, or early 1950s, when surfers in California wanted something to do when the waves were flat. Today skateboarding has gotten so popular that it has given rise to skateboard parks. These skate parks are scenes of wonder and disasters. But no disaster, at a skate park comes close to the one captured by Studio C. 
Seeing is believing or laughing. "Watch This! Ultimate Skate Park Disaster with Shonduras" 

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When I was younger, 
I was looking for this magic meaning of life. 
Temple Grandin


  1. Sometimes it is enough to accept life for what it is (in all its wonder). Analysing it doesn't add anything positive to the mix.

    1. Sounds like we are of similar minds.
      Thank you for sharing your insight

  2. I love the ocean and that you chose that setting for your poem. I do believe that there is indeed wonder in this world.

    1. I chose the ocean because many situations fit into this theme.
      Happy you enjoyed.
      Thank you

  3. You had me at "beside the sea"

    1. Oh, you like the ocean?
      Glad I could make your day.
      Thank you